Fekin Africans (and Portugal rule)

Well, I can’t say I’ve been disappointed by the perfomance of the African nations so far (considering it IS the World Cup). I’ll just say this: they may be enthusiastic, but they sure lack a lot in skill and technique.

I’ve watched both the Ivorian and Angolan teams lose by one goal, which may seem close but the rift in basic technical ability is as wide as Tera Patrick’s wotsit. These guys run around, chase hard, tackle harder, head well, and so forth, but just basic passing and marking are pathetic compared to the other teams.

I couldn’t help compare the stray passes and dodgy first touches in the game between Angola and Portugal last night. Where dem Europeans passed the rock with skill and accuracy, Angola were wild and ill-disciplined, spraying the ball all over the place to no effect at all. And Akwa? Played like a knob, and I could call him worse.

All in all, I’m greatly underwhelmed. So Angola lost to Portugal, and C-d’I lost to Argentina. So what, both the big guns will be in the semis, so I guess it was inevitable. Can’t wait to see what Ghana can do to Italy tonight, I’m sure they can pull something off…my last hope.

Some nice Portuguese birds in the crowd, too.

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  1. Not to hear the Tunisians talk about, they arent traditional darkies so they dont consider themselves as African. Their country just happens to be on the continent.

  2. So we don’t consider them Africans, is that it? Everyone else does, no matter that they’re not “darkies”…ah, ok they don’t count.

  3. I’ve just spent 8 hours watching 3 games on the trot, because of time differences, I only got to bed at 6am. If that is not dedication, I don’t know what is. Togo disappointed, so now we wait for Tunisia to see if they can rise above the rubble of broken African dreams.

  4. Is it just me, or has Ronaldo got a bit fat recently? Coz he huffed and puffed through those 69 minutes before his substitution like the wolf trying to blow the little piggy’s house down! As for the France game, that ref needs some serious thick glasses coz that was a classic case of handball if ever there was one. Even for me who is not a soccer pundit, that should have been a penalty.

  5. Nope, that was not a penalty sweetie, the ball hit his hand, not the other way round. It has to be intentional for it to be handball.

    Did you see the new dimension Robinho added to the game when he came on? His running, both on the ball and into space, caused numerous problems for the defenders.

    I hope Ronaldo can bounce back, cos I always wish him well, the bugger.

  6. with the amount of weight he has point on, he’ll definitely be bouncing somewhere!

  7. As for the bit about handball, I’m sure Maradona and his hand of God thing would agree with you.

  8. I knew I wasnt a total retard. This courtesy of the BBC:

    Thierry Henry was denied a penalty when his shot was handled by Patrick Mueller but the referee waved his claims away.

    So I wasnt alone in my misconceptions

  9. Yeah, there was no chance of that being given, the ball was blasted onto his hand 🙂

    How’s Tunisia and Saudi yesterday, awesome game methinks, one of the best we’ve seen.

    The 2nd half, that is.

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