Prancing ponies and a coupla carthorses

Isn’t life wonderful? The World Cup, in all it’s multi-coloured madness and two-footed trickery, is in full swing. And I’m glad to say I haven’t missed a game yet, thanks in part to the TV I have in my office!

Yep, I have this little 14′ Aiwa telly on my desk, all the better to watch footy with, innit? And no, that don’t make a Boswell, but you gotta love the idea of watching the 3pm game while typing away, dontcha? Right, enough about me, it’s a little belated, but it’s Brazil Rant Time.

I mean, really. They put out 8 show-ponies and two carthorses, and tell them go play play football? Yes, you watched the game, you have everyone else running aimlessly all over the fecking park, and you’ve got those two miserable fat bastards Ronaldo and Adriano stuck in a 10-meter radius up front. So sad. See the enterprise young Robinho brought to the whole thing? That’s how you do it, surely they’ve learnt their lesson by now.

Ronaldo. Blimey, he’s like a beached whale he is. God I hope he does well, cos that’s not the way you wanna see anyone (unless he does a Roger Milla) end their career. Can you say “anti-climax”? And what’s up with the Michelin-man look? And, even more pertinently, is that Rooney in 8 years’ time? πŸ™‚

I’ve also watched a few enterprising performances: Spain looked fecking good, I have to say. And Ghana played very, very well, I think if they’d shown a bit more composure in front of goal…well. And Tunisia, the (not-really-) Africans, did well to draw with Saudi, but they should have won that shit. What’s up with playing an awesome first half and then bottling the second? Are you Japan in disguise?

All in all, I’m lovin’ it. As a footnote, I have to ask my mate Andy what the hell are you doing in Frankfurt? Portugal is playing there, and there must be some top totty roaming those streets. We all hate you.

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  1. Hi! Been out of it for a while too busy with work to do anything but check mail.

    So we’re enjoying the soccer are we? Something to get away from the lack of bread and cooking oil, I see.

    Robinho is so cute, I could just hug him to death.

  2. I’m not only desperate, ex-boyfriend, I’m climbing the walls. Maybe I shd just come back to Zim, hmmmmm

  3. How can you diaspora chicks be seeing fire? Surely munogona kunyenga mavheti?

    Ah, just come home we’ve got enough love to offer you. Sorry Jade πŸ™‚

  4. Indeed Joe Black the football world cup is here and we must indulge. On your behalf am attending Sweden England – neither of which will win ha ha.

  5. Seremani, you dirty bastard that’s the last thing I wanna hear!

    Ladies, you will be received with open arms. Lisa that husband of yours who took you to NZ shld let you come for a holiday. Tinokuchengeta!

  6. I suppose I’ll just get in my brand new jetta and just cruise on up to Hari-ari for some good loving, right?

    yes, I have a brand new jetta πŸ˜‰

  7. Times in the diaspora are just tight for real……. i now sleep at 5am these days coz of the damn soccer coz us Aussies are just ahead and no action so am just not a happy camper.

  8. I’m sure every ZImbabwean deep down is a Brazilian fan, but BUGGER it, I’mgonna be different. Ths year I will be running with ARGENTINA. It is a not-so-well-known fact that the powers that be always connive to make sure the South American power-houses will meet on theor way to the Finals, but before the final itself. Check the record. That’s because The SAmericans are always more skillful than their Euro counterparts. soARGENTINA go you Beauties. Ok Joe, I’ve shut up.

  9. What am I stilldoing in the office, the Ghana game has just started. Its all your fault JOE, I’m out. GERRARD NDIZVO

  10. at least Ghana has given the rest of Africa something to smile about and has justified the flight cost to Germany. Fingers crossed they will do good agenest the bloody Americans on Thursday.

  11. Hey Joe I was near but yet so far – got to watch the Portugal game on the streets and saw the Frankfrut stadium from 100m … but the organization – doubt if SA can be anyway close in 2010

  12. Don’t worry china, in 2010 you’ll get closer than 100m.

    So no word on the Portuguese totty? Ghana did well again…awesome!

  13. JoeBlack the truth will set you free, what happenned to your rite hand. was it PALMela

  14. Shut upo your faces all of you, I slipped in my own home, perfectly sober, I wasn’t in a fight, it wasn’t PALMela (who likes my left hand anyway) and I wasn’t lifting stolen televisions.


  15. left hand harina rhythm JoeBlack so it can only be the right hand unless of course u are left handed but we all know you are not. anyway i dont blame you for being ruff with Palmela, i totally understand coz u have been rolling ALONE for too long!!

  16. How does a footy post end up being a discussion on PALMela ,rythm and gettin some…ma sexist

  17. bringing this rather sordid debate to where it first began, nice to see Ronaldo back on form, and Ghana through to the next round. Pity about their next opponents though, would have rather seen Ghana taking on a weaker side like England. Coz their asses need to be despatched back to their cold lump of a mud country sooner rather than later.

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