World Cups are funny-looking thingys

World Cups are funny-looking thingys

So the FIFA World Cup 2006 is here. Yippee – one month of football, international football too. I know this is the month where the wives tend to forget their hubbies’ faces, but thanks to the magic of ZTV Sportnet, most of the country’s menfolk will be hard pressed to find an excuse to leave the cabin for those 9pm matches!

Cos they’re showing most matches live, baby, live as in the Supersport sense, live-as-in-you-won’t-miss-a-thing-so-don’t-go-away-no-ad-breaks-nor-charles-mabika-to-interrupt-no-loss-of-transmission-from-barbourfields-hold-on-we’ll-be-right-back-folks-no-filler-commentary-from-stanley-samora-no-colgate-nugget-nor-surf-ads cos This. Is. LIVE, BABY!

No, I don’t have an aerial, so I guess I’ll have to do the usual pub thing. Although at 270k a beer, I’ll be drinkin litres of orange juice this month, ain’t that the truth. Being broke sucks. Moving on.

Me bruv asked to find him one of those active desktop wallpapers with all the fixtures etc, and updates itself from the net with latest results and standings. Why he couldn’t be arsed to find one himself, I dunno, but I checked, and for one thing, the official site is crap. No help there. Seriously, who wants the wallpaper for a single group with managers’ faces on? feck off.

So I’ve been hunting the big bad net, and it doesn’t help that I’m trying this on Zimbabwe Off Line. Hint to ZOL: just close down, save us all the bullshit. You guys suck. *breathe*. Okay, let’s see what we’ve found here (at 4,8kbps, die modem die!!): I’ve got a great iCal calendar for those of you with an Apple Mac. All two of you, I bet.

For you Windows peeps, the pickings are slim: an Excel spreadsheet (but seriously), get this Outlook calendar if you wish, you can get a calendar from Kick Off magazine’s weird little site. I found this desktop wallpaper with fixtures, but it’s really ugly, so…

I’ve done my bit for charity. Now someone buy me a beer 🙂

P.S. If you hadn’t noticed, the links all open up in a new window

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  1. the game times are weird here in new zealand, but most ppl dont seem like they care too much about it

  2. Thanks Joe – got my Cellphone loaded now. Glad I will be watching the opening game with you 2mrw – aah Zambezi Larger here I cme 😀

  3. Oh yes, Zambezi…trust me, we locals always celebrate when you diasporans come home, we know our throats get relief, finally 😀

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