Forty days and forty nights

Drugs - advancedIn light of the recent price increases and a promise I made to someone very important to me, I have decided to go frozen chicken.

That’s like cold turkey, just harder and smaller.

So from today, I will stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for the next 40 days and 40 nights. I’ll try to make it a total abstention, but if I slip once or twice, don’t hold it against me.

Start the clock.

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  1. What spiritual epiphany has inspired this little episode. Question: day 41, do you make up for the other 40 days of abnegation?

  2. Biblical reference now a common part of English usage. The time it rained in the flood, Moses’ time on Sinai, Jesus’ sojourn in the wilderness, the period of lent.

    I can’t believe you, madam, the English professor herself, is asking me about such common use phraseology.

  3. and that still doesn’t answer the question as to why YOU decided on said 40 days

  4. There’s nothing spiritual about my decision, but the time period reference seemed a bit obvious.Like, I may not be British but I can still quote Shakespeare!

    I chose it because 32 and a half days just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, ya dig?

  5. Well, if your rap name was 50 days, and you were being quoted in Euro days, it might.

  6. So how long has it been and how is that workng for you. And DAMN Joe, when you really like a girl, you really like a girl.

  7. And by the way, total abstinence should really include the abstaining from sexual behaviour, and only then can you make out that you are doing something really difficult. How about adapting the challenge a bit to include the abstinence from sex. I would be willing to sponsor your weekend drinking for a month if you made it for the full monty. So how about it Black, you game?!

  8. That’s fighting talk where I come from…

    You’re on – sex too! 40 days and nights. I don’t want to hear you whining when you’re going to Western Union on 14th July, right?

  9. Wait a GOD DAMN MINUTE, we have t lay down some ground rules here. The rules that applied in that god forsaken movies apply. ALL OF THEM. And we need to write down exactly how much this will cost me in pound sterling. Otherwise, I am game if you come up with smething good for when you lose, which you know will happen.

    Everyone else, we all know how will power challenged Black is so how about a guess at when the boy’s (oops, i meant man’s) will power will crumble. WHAT SAY YOU??!!

  10. Now you’re taking bets, girl? Say 30 squid for each weekend you’ll owe me, so put away 120 squids and be prepared to pay. I was so gonna do this anyway, but now we’ve made it about money LOL

  11. Hey Joe

    Cigs and booze are bad dog. but (from experience), quitting them makes sex better, so don’t abstain from sex, abstain from the cigs and booze…

    good luck dude

    trick for cigs, keep lollipops with you – stick one in your mouth whenever you feel like it.

    trick for booze – get a woman to distract you from wanting to pint. go spend time with bhamini πŸ˜‰

    install never winter nights and try to finish it playing a halfling warrior… actually no wait, that would drive you to drink πŸ˜›

    real men have will power…

    good luck

  12. What, 30 quid for a few beers. Hell No. That should last you at least a whole year. What are they putting in that beer, mermaid’s tears. Besides, you would have to match that some how. You hvent given me what i hope to gain from this. It is likely i will take you up on it considering hw littlefaith i have in your ability to resist. The rules say not ass grabbing either. Speaking of which, what do you do when a friend grabs your ass. Do you pretendit didnt happen, do you throw a wabbler or do you turn the table on him. Dont want to encourage such behaviour for you may find yourself having your kindness bite you in the ass, but you dont want to be horrible either.

  13. Oh, and Joe, I recommend you talk to your other half abou this because not only are you gong to turn into an ass from the lcohol and nicotine withdrawal, bu you are also going to be depriving her of some lovin. I would be pissed if my other half took such a bet without discussing it with me.

  14. from the begining this sounded like a principled ideal, now it is a bet??

    lucky bastard if you can actually do it

  15. Re: comment 21 – there is nothing to discuss – other half holds it down rain or shine. Two equal one, remember?
    JB, I believe in you.

  16. Am I to understand all this is because of a woman? You are actually trying to quit because a woman has had such a profound effect on you?

  17. Partly, and also because I just can’t fekkin afford it anymore πŸ™‚

    Also a test really, to see if i actually CAN do it.

  18. Remember Joe, no sexual acts so no kissing, pecks on the cheek and no hugging. No beating the monkey either. Like i said earlier, all rules in the movie apply. AND I said I will pay for 4 WEEKENDS worth of drinking. That means four saturdays and four sundays ONLY.

    MOrning Yall by the way. And nice to hear from Black’s other half. Sounds serious. A bit sicklysweet too. πŸ™‚

  19. what, no PALMela? deal’s off then πŸ™‚

    This had nothing to do with some silly movie, and any attempts to involve silliness will be rejected outright. so no deal.

  20. I cant decide on whats more unbelievable
    1. JB not drinkin, smokin, sexin for 40 days and 40 nights. (Ciggies are his oxygen, alcohol is his water, sex is his daily bread)
    2. JB makin religious references..the nigga actually knows about Moses and Jesus..
    3. JB having someone so “significant” she talked him into such nonsense
    4. JB growing locks again…for like the 40th time
    5. JBs other half claims she belives him. Does she know the same JB?

  21. Tigz:
    1. JB can do a Clinton ‘I smoked but I did not inhale’
    2. Even Satan quoted scriptures
    3. Until there is a rock on that finger, and a walk down the aisle (putting ideas in a girl’s head) its significant only in word
    4. With plants you lay down mulch not to let moisture through, re: JB its dreadlocks and braincells
    5. Every coin has two sides.

    p.s. JB this will make or break you, I go with break you.

  22. 1. One day and already I’m raving = weak
    2. I used to be serious, remember?
    3. She didn’t talk me into it, I volunteered (cough)
    4. Yeah, locks, again. Bringing sexy back.
    5. SOMEone has to believe in me…

  23. JB, I think Ms JB is up to something. Are you positive without a shadow of a doubt that you volunteered. maybe she let you think it was your idea. By the way, you have passed the tst. You were on your way out coz she thought you cold not commit. But byaccepting the challenge you have begun proving your commitment to the relationship. Question!!! Did you mean to exhibit as much commiment as you are in the process of showing. Beause, if I was you sig other, I would use this as a test of your love.

  24. 1. One down thirty nine to go, or another way, 24hours down 936 more to go, in minutes 56 160,. I say start sharpening your knife now, those wrists are going to need slitting.
    2. My memories of you don’t date that far back
    3. Mmmm, hmmm, ‘volunteered’ hey? Next you will be volunteering your black behind to the vasectomy clinic
    4. Relative, one man’s sexy is another man’s ‘Ohmigod! did you see the lice in that?’
    5. As N Stink sang back in the day ‘I believe in you’, you being the narcotic tobacco and alcohol the depressant.

    Itai zvenyu tikuwoneiwo ana Joseph. Ndimi shasha dzacho zve.

  25. I see Galadriel from comment 36 knows me personally – judging by line 3… fancy that.

    AC you have a vision! So Joe… how about that vasectomy? Cuz you know how I am with knives… πŸ˜‰

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