The face of the 21st century

X-rays - unpredictableSo I am currently in the process of selling my soul to the devil, whose present physical form is the credit card companies. The price of souls is overrated anyway, what with trying to keep mind and body together, souls are just excess baggage. And hey, if the Messianic head is valued at 30 pieces of silver, I could do a lot worse.

Furthermore, one must be seen to be doing one’s bit for the cause: if the capitalist imperialists are not going to extend lines of credit to Zimbabwe, it is my noble duty as an esteemed citizen of said country to sink myself into as much debt as is humanly possible.

Then it comes to the bit where you have to deal with the paperwork, and I am filling out the form, and I get to the box for gender. The options are as follows: Male, Female, Other. I am thinking, what the hell is ‘other’? Other like some confused bisexual male? Other as in a transvestite caught between the latest round of hormones and top up surgery? When on earth did ‘other’ become a viable option?

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  1. It’s really bullshit, all this politically correct rubbish.

    The multi-national cartels all try to be as sensitive as possible to the entire spectrum of “people” just so they can milk more money out of them.

    Fucked if I know what an “Other” gender could be, though.

  2. Honestly, wats this world coming to! “Other” gender wtf! Blistering blue barnacles!!!
    And for goodness sake how on earth can we have a reality show with the patients vying for a kidney and viewers vote for who deserves it. Tiri muSodom and Gomorah surely!

  3. the end of the world is nigh! I heard about that nyaya in Holland, and they were trying to pull it from the screens: their argument (the crazies who are producing the film) is that it will highlight the plight of organ shortages. I am like, flight some ads or something, honestly this bare all and tell all culture that we live in. Where does it all end?

  4. “Other” is the Caeser twins, and Lady Boys of Bangkok. All come complete with vital organs – useful for both ends of the spectrum, whether in or out of body.

  5. Ah ya, keep your europe & I will my africa. Them folk have far too mcuh time on their hands………

  6. I had to laugh at this headline in the Herald

    “Gay gangster Tatchell severely assaulted”

    NOTORIOUS British gay gangster Peter Tatchell, who was in 2001 severely beaten up while stalking President Mugabe in Brussels, Belgium, was on Sunday thoroughly assaulted by an angry crowd in Moscow, Russia, in a foiled homosexual rights demonstration

    I can imagine Bobo doing the rounds telling his hoods about this gang gangster

  7. Gay gangster – that dude deserved a smack in the face, actually.

    But honestly, why would a man, blessed as he is, wanna turn into a woman?

    I’ve got no beef with ‘dodgy’ okes, but seriously…..

    …have you tasted punani?

  8. Just for the record, I am in favour of freedom of choice. Life is too short to be hiding who you are or fearing the shit that usually comes coming out of the closet. I aint tryin to start a fight. Just setting the record straight. Peace!!! 🙂

  9. Yeah, some people have so many skeletons in their closet that there could be whole cemeteries in there. I am all for hiding, coz I don’t flaunt my heterosexuality, it’s not the only thing that defines me. So why should gay people get special treatment just for being gay?

  10. To demonstrate my point, a bar in Melbourne recently received the right to ban heterosexuals from the bar on the base of their sexuality. You can bet the gays would be up in arms if the tables were turned, crying discrimination and all sorts.

  11. Yeah, but we talking about being able to be gay without having to hide it or put up with judgement from people from their high horses. That Melbourne thng would actually be seen as dicrimination unless they see it as protecting themselves from gay bashers, and there aint no denying they are out there. Gay bashin is right up there with that whole beating a girl up for wearing the wrong outfit. Some would say denying one choice is oppressiing them. I aint saying couples should be allowed to kiss too overly the top in public coz to me, it is just as bad as with heterosexuals. Homosexuals should be allowed to express them selves just as heterosexuals do. so if we heteros smooch in public, then so should homos. Catch my drft. Sorry for the ranting but i think you get my meaning.

    FYI: i work in a team where about half the members are GAY or lesbian so all this aint theoretical. I aint talking out of my ass. I live it and am very comfortable.

  12. Joseph Mutema – if Mrs Coterell (JB’s Biology teacher and Campell Theatre Manager – discovered JB’s singing talent) reads this she will faint!

  13. we have become so used to the unacceptable that it’s now acceptable. society’s morality has shifted hundred fold, and things we should be condemning we now celebrate. Gay parades, I ask you. who has ever heard of a heterosexual parade?

  14. Is that just selective criticism or u just a homophobe. so it becomes a issue of morality when its about gay pples sexual preference, but i dont hear you condeming todays women havin more sex partners than two dollar hookers…
    I dont think anyone is in a position to decide wether what consenting adults decide to do to each other is unacceptable or not. It doesnt affect you in any way. If thay like it up the ass, then thats their choice. If they chose to celebrate it then they have the freedom of expression.
    There nuthin preventing heterosexuals from havin their own parades.

  15. What consenting adults do in their own time is their business, I object to all the flaunting of it. Why should being homosexual be your most defining characteristic. And yes, call me a homophobe, because it goes against what I believe in. And for the record, men have been having more than one sexual partner since time immemorial to suit their physical urges, it doesn’t make it right. Like they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  16. It’s not about being religious, it’s just about not wanting that sh## constantly in my face. Why should anyone receive any preferential treatment just because of their sexual preferences. It’s like reverse racism, it still doesn’t make it right.

  17. If us normal people get offended by a parade of homos, and start bashing those same homos because of it, aren’t we then also flaunting our OWN sexuality in the same way they were?

    Actually, I don’t give a hoot what they do to each other – as long as it’s not to me. I agree that one’s sexuality should be kept at home, there’s no need to go around like a raging queen – we really don’t give a shit.

    It’s only when others start trumpeting their preferences to the world that I get offended.

    You don’t hear aChic shout about how she loves big bla [karate chop!]

  18. And you’re right Andy Tee – if Mrs Cat heard us talking, Tigz, she’d have a heart attack. Assuming she hasn’t had one already.

  19. Pamberi neBritain

    “Viewing” paedophiles should be treated in the community rather than be sent to jail, the head of the national police child protection unit said today.

    Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), said too many people were being convicted of child sex offences to be dealt with in the criminal justice system.

    He proposed that lower risk offenders, such as those convicted of downloading abusive images of children, should receive a police caution and then be managed in the community.

  20. JB, you’re a bad mother (shut your mouth). Granted I may in moments of weakness expose some of my misdemeanours, but that is more for dinner conversation purposes, for example, ‘Oh I know this hoe called Aefro …’, not because I am expecting people then to give me any kudos for it (licentious behaviour is its own reward)

  21. And to Mushaz, a wiser man than I once said ‘Bleeding heart liberals are conservatives who have never had a crime committed against them’

  22. All homosexuals are probably trying to do it to make haters become used to it such that it becomes main stream. Kinda like what blacks did, marching for their rights, celebrating black history month. that sort of thing. I bet all the exhibism will end as soon as the world stops hatin. Kinda like the blacks thing in america. Until then they will keep campaigning.

  23. That you would equate homosexuality with racism. that takes guts. hundreds of years of slavery and oppression and lack of opportunities and abuse and torture. What is the gay equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan? On which form are they going to ask you for your sexual orientation and then proceed to refuse to hire you as a result?

  24. Galadriel, WTF ?!?!?

    Did black people ever “choose” to be discriminated against?

    Ooh ooh look at me, I’m Joe, I’m white but now, I think I’ll come out of the closet and announce to the world that I….wait for it….
    ….wait for it….

    ..I am……..BLACK!

    Oh whip me massa’, yessum boss, I chose this life…

  25. gay people may have chosen to come out of the closet, but that is not the same as choosing to be discriminated against

  26. Although, you have to accept that with some choices comes hardship and discrimination, right? That’s why I assume it’s so hard to come out the closet.

    My point is, to even compare gay trouble with the hardship faced by “blacks” is, at best, disingenious.

  27. Tigz, you fucking read my mind. And who says being gay is a choice. The choice is restricted to actually coming out. No one chooses to be in a group where the world thinks you are scum. Gay people can only be accused of accepting who they are and getting on. And they should be able to do so without looking over their shoulder all the time. And by the way, gay people are not serial rapists. That only happens ion american prisons and the perps tend to be homophobic men who deny that the behaviour is actually homosexual. I bet the reason why most (men especially) is tht they are afraid of being looked at in the way that men look at women (another debate). And hell, you should be flattered God DAMMIT. What are the odds like, a woman being raped by a man vs a man being raped by a man or woman by a woman. Chew on that for a while and then tell me exactly what is so threatening about a gay man. I am guessing that is mainly wherethe main roblem is for most. AIGHT!

  28. Yeah Joe, but would it not suit to actually sympathise and understand having been there and having known what it is like to get the raw end of bigotry (okay, so we did not experience the racism directly when it was at its worst but you know what i mean). Otherwise, would we not be then oppressing them the way we were. Do note, I do appreciate that the magnitude of oppression experienced by blacks may seem tonnes more serious than for gays and lesbians but do we have the right to be hatin on people who aint never done a thing to you?

  29. ‘Gay people can only be accused of accepting who they are and getting on. ‘ Gala, I think you are seriously oversimplifying the problem, if you think that this is the only problem that gay people have. My question is, and what my question has always been is this: does your sexual orientation have anything to do with how well you can do a job? You look at Lord Browne who was hounded out of BP for not revealing that he was gay. When BP were raking in all those profits it wasn’t an issue, but somebody chose to make it an issue. My contention is this, what I do between the sheets, in my own time is no one else’s business, nor should I have to have other people’s business all up in my face.

  30. M sentiments exactly and my point. What people do between the sheets is no one else’s business. So no judging for their choices. With regard to having it all up in ones face,it ain’t like you are watching them shagging where ever you go. If they are kissing, it aint no different to the heteros that i see. Granted i rarely ever see gays or lesbians kissing in public compared to the heteros. Again, you knowing someone is gay does not hurt you. You dont have to visualize if you find it that uncomfortable. Try knowing a few gay people and see what it is like. It is just like knowing a hetero. So far, none have spoken about their sexual encounters unless asked, no more than you and I would.

  31. All this deliberate obtuseness.

    And for the record, I do actually know some gay people, I work with one in my branch and lived with another. Worked on the same team with one in the UK.

  32. oh well, one could only hope. Might have shed light on some behaviour patterns oft exhibited.

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