14 Replies to “FreshlyGround – what’s the fuss?”

  1. clumsy liberals. like some dude said on metrofm, these UCT kids forget they’re in africa.
    the song is lousy bubblegum. tired satire. FG do not know their politics from their pottery and should stick to what they know. im not a fan of bob but the song was just silly.
    and then they ask for an official reason for why they were denied entry into Zim. really.


  2. “Clumsy liberals”? What the hell does that even mean? Is liberals used as a pejorative term, or is their liberalism acceptable but, ultimately, clumsy?

    Also, what’s a “UCT kid”? Is that also a slur? Is it a problem? Does it imply that they’re middle class? Is THAT a problem?

    Does being a UCT kid disqualify one from commenting on social and political issues on your doorstep?

    And since when is satire tired? What makes satire tired? Is it commenting on issues already commented on that makes it tired?

    And what is your knowledge of FG’s insight into either politics or pottery? Doesn’t their very existence give them the right to comment on politics?

    You’re not a politician but you comment on politics … should YOU stick to what you know? What qualifies one to comment, in whatever way one feels free, to comment on anything?

    And of course they knew they’d not be allowed in, but I guess the more pertinent question is – where were YOU when a South African band was making political commentary about YOUR country?

  3. Awesome video though the song was meh.

    When done well, satire is one of best forms of social commentary. This video worked perfectly. As for them being denied entry to the country… I thought Zim was still technically a democracy? Naive maybe, but then that social commentary proves itself to be necessary.

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