Happy Birthday Minnie Mouse!

Mice - colourful

Happy Birthday little one, hope you have lovely day!!

We can’t afford any presents, so please take this snapshot we took of you in lieu of payment, and watch out for our next paycheck.

46 Replies to “Happy Birthday Minnie Mouse!”

  1. Go shortie, Its your B Day…blah..blah… 🙂

    If those are naughty frilly-type knickers then whoooohooo!
    But if thats a PITIKOTI…hmmm, pull that skirt down 🙂

  2. Damn, dis nigga is whipped…maybe its not just some Mickey Mouse relationship afterall

  3. no, it actually wasnt too dark-maybe because of my bright pink shoes :-). was kinda getting tired of the OH colors.

  4. aarrr sweet JB;
    r we disturbing you guys? do you need some privacy, scented candles, strawberries, red wine, whipped cream, massage oil… tchk, KWANAYI, baby, sweetie chii chacho

    BTW, kinda dig the Minnie photo, will make it wallpaper for today, Sanaa needs a break.

  5. Shaddap. Speaking of Sanaa Latham, I really don’t think she’s anything interesting.

    Jessica Alba … MILF!!!! Zoe Saldana … well … Minnie Mouse … yeah …

  6. Naomi? As in, bat-shit crazy throw phones at assistants bunch of hockey-sticks glued together Naomi?

    I suppose she’s alright …

  7. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is smokin’! That cheeky grim and that voice. Mommy! Ooh, and Wentworth Miller. YUM! Not to mention Jensen Ackles and Damien Lewis. Woaw! I don’t want to have kids, but I would have them, if only to be in the same room with anyone of them.

  8. @ Tara whats deplorable is “bat-shit crazy throw phones at assistants”, she needs to be arrested, i just volunteered my handcuffs…

  9. Yeah man. I’m a sucker for reds. And he is the King of the Reds. I actually get sad when I think about how my offspring will never be naturally ginger.

    @ACM, You know your cuffs ain’t all that you volunteered!

  10. Jensen Ackles is Dean from Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Comedian from Watchmen, and Damien… Wait a minute, google it!

  11. @Tara

    Your shaglist is so not hood!

    If you gon’ ditch the brothas and jump ship to whitey okes then those white boys better REPRESENT!
    Thats what I tell my nieces; if they gon’ sho up at my doorstep with smallville, he better represent, or failing that, he better have a Teaser’s platinum access card for me 🙂

    Nothing grinds a field negro like myself more than seeing a fine specimen of the black male species with a bottom-of-the-barrel run-of-the-mill white chick.
    As Common puts it, “I’d be mad at ya, Like I was yo Mom.”
    Even worse is a fine ass sista thats done gone ‘n hooked up with a Michael-Moore-meets-George-Bush white boy. like WTF???

    The Prison Break dude is ok and the Supernatural boy is so-so, BUT, that other man looks old and needs to reacquaint himself with shower gel and a shaver… and the redhead… eish…

    Im jus sayin…

  12. Piss off! Those men are sexy! On the race front, Wentworth Miller is black (by American just one drop standards). Check him out on Wiki!

    I also like Wesel Snipes. He was something in the Blades. He Black enough foe yo ass.

    Fine ass sista? Wot?

    FYI: That shaglist is far from complete.

    PS: I believe in equal opportunities, as such, I don’t got no type. Well, maybe other than that I hate pretty boys. I ted to go for the underdog.

  13. Ok, fine maybe demolishing is a bit harsh.

    Lets say the Nubile Nativettes who venture into the den get a jolly good rogering, yessirreee bob 🙂

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