Nice one, Robson Sharuko!

Okay, being the Sports Editor of The Herald (wait, are you still the Sports Editor?) I wouldn’t expect you to have any knowledge of music.

But being a human being, and a grown-ass man at that, I reckon if you’re going to invoke the name of the greatest band in history, you should at least get their name right.

THE Swinging Sixties was a decade of care-free attitudes, rampant drug abuse, the emergence of a Liverpool musical group called The Beetles …

Really, Robson? The BEETLES? As in instects of the order Coleoptera? Okay, granted, they were almost called The Beetles in tribute to Buddy Holly’s band, The Crickets, but it was changed to Beatles. Get it? “Beat”. “Beatles”.

So, so very sad.

9 Replies to “Nice one, Robson Sharuko!”

  1. Dude you still read Shite Saturd-day : That’s what I call Sharuko’s article in The Horrid. Still no mention of OH beating Districts and Sports Club beating OM’s. We don’t have sports journos in Zim

  2. not sure about the look. we are all resistant to change.

    where are all those all black supporters

  3. this look is much better but the googleads are slow. maybe it’s mweb or should that afol or telkom. wonder what the new name will be.

  4. Yeah, I think I’ll keep this one for now. Google has been slow past couple of days, maybe I’ll bounce the ads for now.

    Telkom ZW

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