Happy days are here again

What a weekend. After the obligatory happy hour drinks at the Scud we headed over to Utano Restaurant. Dean and Robbie Tee are doing that old school thing again and, well …

… we partied. Hard. I like the setup, nice and chilled. The only problem with intimate little places is that people will find out, people will show up, and I worry about that place when it fills to the brim!

But it’s cool, except for having the world’s smallest whisky glasses.

Then we went over to Happy Days, and for an open-air joint in winter it was pretty packed. Nothing special though, so went to Stars and, well, Stars is Stars.

After watching rugby all day Saturday, and despite feeling worse for wear, we hit Utano again and it was pumping. Again.

It’s pretty cool, and i wonder how long it’s gonna run for. Also, plying ladies with free tequila and sambuca doesn’t hurt.

It doesn’t hurt one bit.

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  1. good drills mate. was in east africa and think I got bird flu or swine flu.

    anyway found a new beer – moonberg and it’s brewed under the rheinheitsgebot. good value.

    rugby on shore this weekend at OH – north v south

  2. Dude stop pozzing. Some of us havent had a good H-town weekend in years…

    @BD – name sounds like some Addams Family tipple…lol..
    I hear Nairobi okes rock a party…good for you!

  3. so Dean and Robbie Tee are still in the business. They did rock several house parties back in the day.

    Hopefully the happy days last as i will be back be home in a couple of months…after all that PM said that Zimbabweans must come home

    ko Mos Native i thot u was partying non stop with Mzansi’s finest

  4. Mos Native you’re not even shy, complaining about Harare parties … how about e’Durban? Idiot.

    Dean and Robbie are in the mix, Dean is actually playing in Jozi this weekend it seems.

  5. “Im all grown up now,
    doin’grown up stuff,
    ‘n’ handling grown man business”…lol..

    Not really.

    Mzansi’s Finest do rock a party but what I miss is the home-brewed night out. Been a while since I heard someone shout, “Boyz, mface arikuwanza beans uyu, ndomum*misa!”

  6. Was in Kampala this time not Nairoberry – World Cup Qualifiers: Uganda v Tunisia. Will post the pics pabhukurehope

  7. Hey Buffdaddy, listening to you on radio and you’re talking about how Ugandans love their rugby … taura zvemambhebhi mhani, rugby rugby chii chacho?

  8. I tell you what else looks less and less like a setup. Ding Dong, The King is DEAD! Apparently Micheal keeled over and died.

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