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  1. Poor Baby! You tried some Mzanzi Finest Premium Quality Superiority High-Class, Eminence… therapy? I hear it does the trick. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, I can’t use that medicine Tara, but I have better. My very own little nurse, who is tons better than any of Mansi’s Finest Premium Assets!

  3. Oooh! Tons better than…? Kinky! Sounds like a keeper! Anyone we know? (Rhetorical of course… unless you dying to share… like you should) 🙂

    Uh oh! And why can’t you use THAT medicine. No harm in doubling up, is there? (Also rhethorical) 🙂

  4. He IS right though! That’s all it is really. Tits and ass. Make the feminist in me worry.

  5. @Tara – think of it as appreciation! &, hypothetically, if you were into women, (which I assume u not, correct me if im wrong, anywho!) would u still take offence?

    @JB – easier said than done…lol..

  6. @Tara – busted!

    Seriously now,

    It is quite rich for the descendants of the architects of a social system that still forces non-white people to live in degrading conditions to conduct Palm-pilot surveys and compile reports from their “civilised” suburban perspective on how these subjects respond to their depraved environment.

    Rant over.

    p.s. I do not condone rape.

  7. Busted? For what? What have I done? The feminist thing? I’m proud, man!

    But, Mos Nav, Babe (*teeth grinding*), I’m confused. let me get this straight! Just to be clear! Are you saying that the more depraved an environment is, the less unacceptable rape becomes? Is that it? Do I have it wrong? You saying conditions are bad, they just can’t help themselves. Huh? *single eyebrow raised, arms crossed*

  8. @Tara – Aw cmon, I was looking to scandal u a bit, had a boring day…Babe 😉 !

    Ok, firstly rape is rape is rape and is unacceptable anywhere.

    1. Mos Crude Behaviour Theory:

    I believe people behave the way they do primarily because of their genes ie temperament, emotional intelligence etc; and then secondarily because of their nurturing ie the environment they are exposed to.
    The genes have a minority good extreme, another minority bad extreme and a majority grey area (normal distribution!).

    The two extremes will follow their instincts regardless of their environment ie “bad” okes will be bad regardless of whether they are raised in a hard ghetto or in windsor castle; and “good” people will do their nasty thing regardless of the same.

    The grey majority, however, will be swayed by the environment and hence the depravity and survival mode of slum living will influence “uncivilised” behaviour in those born and raised in those conditions, but if nurtured in a “good” hood, then the outcome is a more “civil” dude.

    In these conditions, theft is a meal for that day = survival, RAPE is dominance over another being = self esteem, beating someone to a pulp is getting feared so noone attacks you = survival etc

    They CAN help themselves, and they know what they’re doing is not right, and it will be condemed by the residents there, but, they easily justify what they do and that protective rationalization is made easy by their harsh existence.

    2. These environments were created and exist because of human greed. Now a bunch of people peek in and write reports and doccies and theses on how these scum react in their environments. Their recommendations will be prisons, capital punishment, harsher sentences etc but noone looks at what caused those situations to come about and how to get those people outta there. You can jail all those rapists but if you dont kill the environment that causes rape to enter people’s minds then a whole bunch of rapists will spring up to replace the first lot before they even stand trial.

  9. So you’re saying … nurture over nature?

    I reckon it’s not the environment, if you’re morally depraved enough to rape, you will.

    If you’re upstanding, no matter what the circumstance, you’ll never stoop so low.

  10. No.

    Im agreeing with you but only on the two extremes of nature.

    In between the two extremes, nurture kicks in to swing things either way depending on the strenghts of the various influences.

  11. The bottom line is that, whatever the case, women will get the raw deal if things aren’t great from everyone, huh?

  12. Yep, the world is a hard place for angry cynics, mystics and the fairer sex.

    Im unfortunate enough to have lived with these SA great unwashed and while I do not condone rape, women beating etc, there are dimensions to these things that are not apparent. For instance, I used to hang with female workmates and their friends and their friends friends etc and they were almost unanimously of the opinion that a guy was proving his love by whipping her ass if she did something “wrong”; which ranged from suspicion of cheating through to cheating and anything at his discretion.

  13. I blame society for all the crap women are having to put up with. You have the men who like keeping the ‘power’. And the women who follow them, content with the lack of it. There is nothing I find more infuriating than the sad fact that women don’t realise that they are an equall part of the world and actually have a choice. Imagine if every single woman was mobilised for the feminist cause. You think men would stand a chance? Women are long overdue the knowledge that women’s right are a human right. We have the right to be a part of society SINE METU Goddammit! (Been sitting on that one long enough. I knew it’d come in handy some day 🙂 )

    N’way, All I am saying, and you would agree, is that I should be able to walk down the street at night SINE METU of being attacked because I am a woman. And if say I am, the law is gonna come down on that fucker like a tonne of bricks. I don’t wanna hear a whisper about I shoulda been home safe. If I’m going to be attacked, let it be only for the same reasons that men get attacked.

    Oh, and if I decide to get knocked up and follow through with sprog to full term, you better give me maternity leave with pay, and have my job ready when I am good and ready to go to work, when I will be treated with the respect I deserve.

    That too much to ask? Yes? Well, good thing I aint asking.

    Mos Nav, next time (since I was 4) I’m south of the Limpopo, you and me need to have words. And coffee 🙂 JB, you can come too, if you want!

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