Here we go again

So I was robbed of my mobile phone (for the first time in two years) on Satuday night.

It would be a thing of beauty if it wasn’t so damn irritating; one guy brushes past and takes the phone, then passes it on to someone else who disappears. I grabbed this dude, and we bashed him against the wall a few times, turned his pockets out and … no phone.

This guy took all this questioning like a trooper, denying everything and giving away nothing – by the time my mate was done with him he was close to tears. But still no phone.


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  1. “I grabbed this dude, and we bashed him against the wall a few times..”

    LOL, i cant quite picture JB being this aggressive. How big/small was this dude.

  2. The oldest trick in the book. Well done for noticing immediately after the fact. So how severe was said bashing?

  3. Not severe at all, really. Anyway, I wonder who runs the Herald’s online version … the fucker’s not being updated on time anymore. Idiots.

  4. JB, I find the term ‘on time’ to be a relative term. ‘On time’ for you could be an unreasonable deadline for the guy in charge at the herald. Unless there is some written promise to the reader. Because then, it is a different matter.

  5. Tara, seriously?

    So I see another bit of the UK has been sold to oil money. Thaksin has handed over the financial reigns of ManCity to ADUG, another ‘investment’ group from the proceeds of oil. How much oil money do you think has been sunk into the UK in the last 10 years? Coz those mofos are buying up everything!

  6. If you’ve got it (and yeah, those oil buggers have more than is decent) you can spend it on all sorts of shiny things. Like solid silver Audis and giant yachts and yes, football clubs.

  7. So, if the stories are to be believed, violence has flared up again in the Matobo area where a by-election will need to be held after Moyo was elected to Speaker and his seat fell vacant. With the pursuant injuries, life-threatening or otherwise, our health personnel have this gem to offer by way of advice: don’t get sick. Speaking only for myself, I don’t know too many people out there who would opt for sickness as opposed to rude health.

  8. Tight, especially coming as it did in a goalless draw. Talk about efforts in vain. Compounded by Man U and Marseille games he will miss. Can it be put down to only bad luck. Or should we be looking to sue somebody?

    I am glad that you are finding the green more to your taste. Can we keep it? Pretty please? Aunty El will be ever so grateful!

  9. I am impressed Black. Where’s the party tomorrow?

    Rugby season over – thank God for that. At least I can watch some rugby and drink. Decided I have too many friends on facebook, doing a cull. Make sure you listen to my radio show tomorrow.

  10. Hmmm I don’t about a party, china. Depends, maybe those who love me are planning something … hint hint (elbow nudge thud wallop).

    As for FB, the next person who sends me an appliation invitation is coming off. Straight up. I always listen to your show.

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