23 Replies to “Here’s to you, big dog”

  1. JB, ukamuona Edmund kubhawa, ungamuudze here kuti andifonere. Ndiye nyaya naye, please messenger boy.

  2. Question: A man recently said to me, I can replace your vibrator any day of the week. And if you dont try me you could be missing out on a good thing. I told him that I didnt want to fcuk him. He turned around and said to me ‘I dont want to fcuk you. I have better people to fcuk than you’. Was I being overeager in my belief that that is where he was headed or was it just his wounded pride? I dont know any longer.

  3. Did you want to fcuk him El? In the event that he was available, of course. Cause a simple “What?” to his first statement would have changed things… call me innocent (A)

  4. the man was bitter you turned him down in his face the ‘i have beta people to fuk than you’ is soothing is bruised ego. and because he such a pussy i say don’t fuk him.

  5. and joseph, that finger’s gon be permanently in that position if you not careful

  6. In the light of your most recent posts JB, one worries about Minnie’s bitter rant there…

  7. I do not mess around with married men. Anymore. I am so over that palaver it’s not worth the emotional fallout. I would rather sing the celibacy blues than get involved with another married cnut who is happy to fcuk around and bring home some nasty shit to his wife. I am not saying that I am all that, but I think the least I deserve is a man who is actually available, being emotionally available would be a bonus.

  8. Ah yes, classic Elle. Although I don’t know about emotionally available … not many of those out there.

    Minnie … lolest. Stroke that ego girl.

  9. Oh Elle you’re soooooo predictable haha. Minnie, I think you should come back. Just to see the roadblocks around the city 🙂

  10. One man’s predictable is another man’s steady hand, solid, reliable, dependable, trustworthy (like PP).

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