This is getting stupid

So I’m not getting much sleep lately.

Wait, lemme correct that. I’m not getting ANY sleep lately. Before you start makng snide remarks about sex and whatnot, that’s not the reason I’m not getting any sleep.

All I do is lie there, in my bed, wide awake, tired as hell, fighting to get to sleep, and nothing. I can’t figure out why; I have nothing weighing on my mind (outside the usual), I haven’t wronged anyone and far as I know I am guilty of nothing … outside the usual.

I find it rather remarkable that someone like me, who loves his sleep more than most things, can toss and turn and think till morning. Indeed, the only way I CAN sleep is to knock out on alcohol, but even that has pitfalls – you don’t actually GET much bed-time anyway!

That’s why I’m so cranky.

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  1. Dude you were super cranky, loud, abusive and all those anti social things that I can think of. If Zim was the UK I would have asked for an ASBO to be issued against you. Take a fucken sleeping pill.

  2. Shame Joe. Sad I cnt say stuff lyk get well soon coz u clearly nt sick at all. Tryin sleepin in the aftanâøn and work at nyt.

  3. Way way way below the belt Anonymous, so low as to almost be an ankle tap.

    Drink will not further your cause JB it just messes up your sleep patterns. Try exercise during the day, it might tire you out or something.

    P.s. I like the ‘wanted by your Mama, Inspired by Obama’ change. You are a poet, and we did not know it.

  4. Oh yeah JB, re: earlier comment about people doing ‘anything’, one of your beefs with the Makoni campaign was the lack of specifics. Now this anything to which you make reference, why don’t you give us examples of what you realistically people think will a)be able and b)be willing to do.

  5. Anonymous, petty insults will get you nowhere, whoever you are.

    Exercise? During the day? Hmmm, may try that this evening actually.

    As for ‘anything’, you know what I want to say. I’m just trying to find my balls to say it.

  6. if you dont have the balls to suggest possible action, will you ever find the balls to act?

  7. i kinda take offense to that πŸ™‚ . we are not cowards we just always find a way to survive in the current situation.

    we are very adaptable πŸ˜‰ our greatest strength but also our greatest weakness

  8. Besides, the last time Zimbos fought for something, it bit them in the ass two decades later. Just trying a different approach.

    PS: Not saying that the last fight was a choice. It had to go down. Just fought with the wrong dude.

  9. How cute. Hiding behind the mask of anonymity (even when ANY nickname can be used) and spouting away all sorts of BS with impunity.

    You must be so proud of yourself.

  10. (Auntie Eleanor to the rescue) Children, children, can’t we all just get along. Anonymous, play nice. JB, siyana naye.

  11. El JB is like a pitbull he wont let go of something he bites, anonymous is having a blast with him… i sense unfinished business mayhaps πŸ˜€

  12. methinks thou has watched too much television El…
    not that thats a bad thing πŸ™‚ i have been and shall always be dhlaks….

  13. Too much roundball game. Was going to educate you the other day on how the revolution has eaten its children and how we should avoid revisionist history but UHF and transmedia conspired. So instead I will let you carry on with the puerile, he said-she said, fuck you-suck my dick banter that Rustybook and Facegate are popular for.

    Time for a new post of substance Black or maybe you need some new posters and I am not talking about the ones that thank us for voting in peace or offer us 100% of this and that. Maybe the ones that say let’s finish him off will do.

    Links for you:

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