The Spicy Siesta Snack For Desperados

Confused? That’s what it says on the front of a packet of Willards THINGZ.

This new girl started working here this week, and the other day we goin on about stuff you can’t get anymore, like Coke (at that time) and I happened to mention how much I like, er, thingz.

Now, she walks into my office and announces she brought me a present. Guess what? A king-size packet of THINGZ. KR if you’re reading this, I think I’m in love with you.

How’s that for a way to kick-start the weekend?

2 Replies to “The Spicy Siesta Snack For Desperados”

  1. if shes reading this when Joe Black sez “i think I?m in love with you” what he really means is “I want to get a tatse of that Spicy Siesta Snack”….and he dont mean the packet of THINGZ

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