I could get used to this…

It’s Saturday. It’s a real scorcher here in Hahaharare- what I like to call a naked day. Aside: it doesn’t help being naked alone, but that’s another conversation!

So I’ve been watching rugby since 7am, and loving every minute of it (except those fecking Stormers losing). Now it’s almost time for the cricket, so the steak’s on the grill, the wine bottle’s out and I’m starting to feel that warm buzz after the first glass. It could just be the ulcers, but what the heck.

As TheSquire knows, I’ve always been a bit partial to the wine, but the way prices are going up, I’m gonna savour every last drop of this bottle cos I ain’t buying another one of these babies anytime soon…

If I had one last wish, it would be death by Lost Horizons Ruby Red.

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  1. Missed the first half of the first game but been making love to the sofa all day flipping between cricket & rugby. I need to win the rotto (read Lotto) and do this full time. Canes just got hammered, and I can tell u why…..the knob heads were busy looking for chicks at the beach instead of training. Joe Black I notice u are doing alot of solo drinking, is something wrong? Tell us Joe, we are your friends (truth is we want first dibs at having a good laugh at your expense).

  2. Come on Joe, if it wasnt solo you would have disclosed that fact sooner. You surely would not miss the chance.

  3. Remember, was two hours behind ya but today is the beginning of BST – British Summer Time. Dont let the time zone fool you though. it is even colder than it was when it was supposed to be coldest. Am having a bitch of a time finding a place to stay.

  4. morning y’all…. yes the summer is approaching…scantly dressed females will soon shedding all their excess unnecessary clobber… Damn i love summer…. anyway you guys need to watch 300, damn good flick! Gala your love for bloodshed is all there. Squire remember the bet we made about how many SA teams will be in the finals…well at this stage 3 will are in the semis! betting start looking for that stormers jersey!

  5. I read a review that gave it one star. One out of 5. I love my blood shed but only when there is an interesting story around it. Will look out for more reviews so I can make a decision about it. Also need to find a person willing to watch such a movie with me. Most tend to be squeamish or hate the far fetched element of the story. Thanks for the recommendation. Joe, what yu been watching down there. Is Gladiator there yet? 🙂

  6. oh just remembered something i saw on tv the other day as we the build up to the champions league finals…for all y’all Liverpool haters and lovers!
    “Shankly laid the foundations, Paisley built the house, now Rafa’s doing the garden” Champions league here we come!

  7. Hey gala, dont take those reviews for granted, i read bad reviews about “the departed” and i figured what the heck, i will watch it anyway, and lo and behold it won movie of the year! Think about movies such as Little miss sunshine get 5 out of 5 in the reviews but there is no way i am going to watch a movie about some family rolling in a VW combie!

  8. Woaw, Little Miss Sunshine was actually one of those wiity ones but Yep, The Departed was excellent. Never been one to loike a Scorsese but he impressed me. Still dont like the guy though. Blatant the man does not think much of black pple.

  9. What up? My broadband died yesterday 🙁 I’ve heard 300 is good, heard it’s bad, so it’s just worth watching for yourself.

    Although I though Apocalypto was crap!

  10. Who is this female then. She must be one hell of a lady to spend time with ya when you re watching your games. What’s in it for the Lass. know you cant multitask. That is one concept men will never grasp. So again, Pray Tell Mon Ami.

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