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  1. 😀 true that Joe 😀

    ed u can take a long walk of a short bridge 👿

    Tino… this is football 😉 u will neva understand

  2. Happy Birthday Tino. (Or at least I think it is.) Hope you have a fabulous week and don’t get too wasted before you have to midnight mass for Christmas.

  3. What?! Someone on facebook said it was Tino’s Birthday. Damn, I assumed it was you making an ass of you and me. SOZ.

    Joe, next time, be specific. 🙂

  4. Grand Slam Sunday it wasn’t. The Pool/United Game was a 7:30 AM kickoff here and I truly wish I had slept in. I called the United goal off the corner but couldn’t imagine that it would’ve have been so easy to score. Benhayoun just slept through that play and Reina could’ve put Tevez offside if he tried to get in front of him.

    Is Dirk Kuyt really a professional footballer or just pretending to be by running around a lot?

    The Chelski/Arse match was more exciting if only for the blatant thuggery on both sides. It was great to see Big Willy finally score that “own goal” against the Chav’s but the kicker was seeing a horrible tackle by Fabergas on Cole and the stupidity that followed.

    Oh and if you haven’t seen Cashley’s reaction to the full time whistle and the jeering crowd:

  5. hey Gala u got the hang of the emotes yet B)

    they quite generic except for the more complex ones 😳

    Joe…. You will never walk alone :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. dhlaks, you are an ass yet you manage to make me smile. 🙂 And no, I haven’t got the hang of the emotes yet. Bastard.

  7. I made you smile eh 😕 i wonder what else i can make you do :mrgreen:

    but then thats besides the point…

    if u ask nicely i might give u a quick tutorial on the cooler emotes :mrgreen:

    oh n ed we support the most successful team in england
    and you support 🙄 Shrek Diver n co

  8. Like one commentator so eloquently put it, if evolution among humans is speeding up, given another 50 odd years, Wayne Rooney should be able to pass as a lower less evolved human.

    ManUre shouldnt get too comfortable (pronounced with 4 syllables), remember how last season Chelski were raked over the coals despite having had a healthy lead earlier in the season. We havent even reached the half way mark yet.

  9. “The players’ party began at 2pm on Monday at the city centre 235 casino, when the team arrived by coach straight from the training ground at Carrington. The footballers were entertained by two drag queens and five burlesque dancers.” – Guardian Unlimited

    Bet it was Ronaldo ordered the drag queens, yeah?

  10. Well, actually he was away from the scene of the crime actually. He was at some awards ceremony. Trust me, its the first thing I checked.

    I am an ardent feminist. However, I feel that all these women crying rape give the rest of us a bad rep. Please understand, I am not condoning physical violence or harrassment of women, but I honestly believe its up to women to take care of their own sexual welfare. If you know that men have ‘difficulties’ controlling their urges, why would you put yourself in the direct line of fire. Things dont ‘just happen’ Its like going into battle without any arms and expecting to come out alive, you do what it takes for your self preservation, and if that means staying at home watching re-runs of Neighbours instead of our partying the night away in a drunken stupour and then being taken advantage of, then trashy Australian soaps it is.

  11. No Ronaldo wasn`t around,he was in Zurich

    It could only have been Rio and the alleged rapist is Jonathan Evans screw him….

  12. Part of being a feminist is taking responsibility for your own actions. And that is what a lot of these women have lost, They want all the freedoms without any of the responsibilities. And real life doesnt work like that. There are consequences for all actions, and women should stop passing the buck. Part of the problem is that women believe their own hype, and dont deal in realities. They act on a fiction that they have created and want to pursue to their own ends. So instead of acknowledging men for the primal base creatures they are, they play out this fantasy about how this one is ‘different’. With approximately 3 billion of them taking up breathing space on the planet, trust me, they are not going to be that many differences. Science has proven time and time again that we act on signals and non-verbal messages far more strongly than we do to their spoken equivalent. It is what has ensured the survival of the species of the centuries. Please understand, I am not saying that women ask to be raped, because rape is more often a power than a sexual crime, but if you give out signals that you are up for it, its disingenuous to then pretend that you did nothing to attract attention, especially in a case like this where its high powered high earning footballers, single men out on the town, booze flowing, money being thrown about, high spirits. It’s hardly Sunday mass is it. Yes, you may claim that you said no later, but in the lead up to the event, what did you think you were getting into? An after mass picnic. Get real.

  13. A police insider said: “She was at the party with her boyfriend but got really drunk and at some point disappeared off with [the player]. When she came back he asked where she’d been, and she claimed she’d been raped.”

  14. Sorry, Elle, cant agree with you there. Why is it the females have to take all the responsibility. Varume vakajaidzwa ek se (JB, thanks for that term, has me ROTFL whenever I see it.)! When do they ever take responsibility for their lack of control. The ability to control one’s urges is what sets humans apart from animals. Innate feelings are no excuse unless you are dog and you can’t help yourself around a bitch in heat. Men should show a bit of discipline. So what she is wearing a short skirt? It is only decoration, which makes her feel good. Unless stated in not uncertain terms, best stay away.

    PS: not making any judgement around what happened in Manchester though. Like someone said, the evidence is inconclusive at present.

  15. I am not condoning rape. I am just saying women should take more responsibility for their own sexual well being. No one else is going to look out for you if you are not looking out for yourself. The buck has to stop somewhere, and if you know that men cant be trusted, why would you put yourself in a situation that would test that theory. What are you trying to prove that hasnt been proven already? Men cant be trusted, why must you go pioneering already broken ground, unenge uchitsvagei. Again it comes down to women not dealing with realities, Men SHOULD show discipline, but they dont, so deal with what they DO not what you WISH them to do. That is the point I am trying to make. This chick is drunk, she leaves with a man, she has been around the block a few times, not quite the village bicycle, but she is street savvy, what is she expecting to happen in that situation, that he wants to ‘talk’ and get to know her better? Deal with realities, not fantasies.

  16. For the record, I feel very very strongly about rape. Babies getting done over because some man thought he could get an instant cure for Aids, grandmothers getting mugged and assaulted by some street punk making up for not having been loved enough by his mother, women trying to make a living who get raped by the system, I think its the lowest and most despicable act in the world because it takes advantage of someone’s physical inferiority to try to stroke their own ego. These women you dont read about in the newspapers are the true victims because they cry silent tears that have no media outlet. they dont have potential multi-million dollar settlements to fight for, just a life of pain and humiliation and ostracisation. These are the voiceless women who cannot grind their axe in the public eye because they are made faceless by the shame heaped upon their heads by a vicious act of brutality. These are the women who bleed.

  17. To state my case here, I don’t really agree with y’all on the “she knew she wasn’t going to Disneyland” or she’s a ho argument. Getting drunk and flirting, for that matter even making out with someone is not necessarily an invitation for fucking. The opposite party may feel differently, but if a someone rejects sexual advances, regardless of the situation, and forced sex happens… well that my friends is what I call rape with no shades of gray.

  18. Again, why is it always the responsibility of the woman. And, it sounded like whether or not someone is a victim depends on certain factors. ie, if you are an old woman or a kid rape is bad. But if you are a friendly twenty-something year old probably having a GANAS day, who happened to be wearing a short skirt, you get raped? It is all your fault. Really Elle. Sounds like something a man chauvanist pig would say. That and “a woman’s place is working in the kitchen or on her back in the bedroom.” Besides, no means no regardless of how you are dressed and how you behave.

    PS: Ain’t looking for a bollocking or nothing. Nothing personal. But men can be animals that need to be broken and they wont be unless they learn to have control and they cant learn this as long as they are spoilt. I’d rather die than have to cover up so as to prevent some punkass brut loosing control and having an excuse. Rape is rape. And the punishment should be the same regardless. I rather have a liking for castration (of both the penis and the testicles, and I ain’t talking chemical castration either). But that’s just me. Nothing personal.

  19. Uhm, Alias, I understand what you saying.

    But, precedent etc tell me that, if a chick gets drunk and fucked then confronted, especially when the subject is a celebrity, there has to be some scepticism.

    On the other hand, celebs have been known to take adv where there is none.

    So … who gets the benefit of the doubt?

    I say, rape kit, exams etc, charges, court, verdict. Then we talk.

  20. (RE: We’ll look through your shit.) I didn’t say that. I don’t know how it got there. I don’t even know what it means. Oh, and if a man is forced to have sex (by a man, even if he is gay), IT IS RAPE and just as bad.

  21. Well all i can say in this case is what joe is sayin
    if she was raped there will be physical evidence
    let the system take its course… then we’ll see

    in the case of rape i agree its a disgustin act that deserves severe punishment.

    no means no…. unfortunately in the case of the twenty/thirty something yr old who will be tipsy/drunk etc men do not have an on off switch…
    if u are in a secluded place with a guy n make out then when things get hot n heavy u say no, i’m sorry to say more often than not he wont listen….

    we (men) are primal creature’s ruled by instinct …. that is not an excuse tho but a lady shkd kno not to go away from her bf with a guy she barely kno’s

    oh n Gala what if a guy is forced to have sex by a woman…. what is that called 😕

  22. Joe I wasn’t commenting on this particular case as I don’t really know the details- but more of the general concept/stereotypes involving celebrity rape trials.

  23. Gala you are refusing to see the wood for the trees. I am not saying responsibility should be heaped solely on a woman’s door. Each person has to be responsible for themselves. Example. You live in an area where the BNP is going to hold a rally. And you know full well the BNP are racist tossers. Do you choose that moment to go the supermarket to buy milk and run the risk of being harrassed, abused and potentially assaulted, or do you wait for a safe moment when the potential danger has subsided. That is self preservation. Its the age old fight of flight instinct. Trouble has an easy enough time finding you without you giving it a helping hand to pin you down. And yes, I may sound like a male chauvinist pig, but if you look around, this is a patriarchal society, women are hardly running the show. Again, people need to deal with the realities, not with the utopia they believe we should all inhabit. And if being a male chauvinist pig keeps me even 0.00001 percent safer, I will take my chances with the swine.

    A rape kit will show that there might have been intercourse. But the argument is going to be that it was consensual. This chick came with her man, and wonders off with another. The defense is going to have a field day with that. And her toxicity reports will also come into play, and unless they find traces of the date rape drug, the burden of proof is going to be on her to prove that it wasnt consensual. Most witnesses wont be credible coz they would probably have been drunk too. And you know her motives are going to be called into question. And we all know what the British justice system can be like, how many people have walked off on a technicality, or the police have botched up the investigation/handling of evidence. You cant deny that there is going to be a whole lot of scepticism about this.

    p.s. I prefer to attack the ideas not the person, when things descend to name calling, chances for open debate are lost.

  24. Dhlaks … yeah we do have an on/off switch bra … if you make yourself clear, we back off. Except the rapists.

    Alias – yeah I kniw. Hmm seems comments need to be moderated on the “free-speech blog” before they appear? Ironic!

    I also happen to know the girl who wrote that.

  25. Again its disingenuous for women to want to claim complete power for themselves but then solely make it a man’s responsibility in the sexual arena. It’s like handing over your car to a drunk driver and then getting upset when you have a car crash, you handed over responsibility to someone else to look out for your well being, what was your own role in securing and ensuring your own safety. There is no best of both worlds.

  26. Elle, in the same breath let’s remember that it may NOT have been consensual after all … maybe a tale of an over-enthusiastic 19-yr-old who doesn’t know his brains from bollocks yet?

  27. Back to the original topic.Well Rafa and the boys did it again.

    You will always walk alone……..

  28. ahhhhh so he called in the fuzz eh

    an african wld have beaten the shit out of the player then called the cops

    but then thats just me

  29. Looks like they are going to drop the charges made by the bint. ‘lack of substantial evidence’ read ‘the rape kit told a different story’. The police have even come out saying that her story didnt match up. Scepticism, it will get you every time.

  30. i think that it was either a case of
    a) she felt guilty for shaggin in the presence of her bloke or
    b) she wanted to make a bit of dosh from the player or
    c) it was all the bf’s idea
    😕 😕 😕
    eitherway looks like man u have doged another bullet

    silly bint cant even get her story straight 😐

  31. Oh, and how about the R. Kelly saga. Filming sex with a minor. I reckon you can call the man a paedophile as he loves (-phile) children (paedo-). And fourteen is a child. My friend thinks the girl has some responsibility, and paedophile is too harsh. She doesn’t deny that it is rape but thinks R.Kelly is not wholly to blame inspite of him being a grown man who should know better. Any thoughts?

    Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone. All the best for 2008!!!

  32. Joe, what’s going on? “We’ll look through your shit.” is randomly appearing in my responses. What does it mean and should I be worried? 🙁

  33. Stupid little cunt told a story. Money makes people do stupid things I tell you/

    Gala, that means your comment has to get moderated before it’s approved. Uri kunyadzisira.

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