Way to lose the plot, kids

What could be worse? A new artist comes along, with a refreshingly unique sound, and their debut album rocks. They win a load of awards (Grammys included) and everything is lovely, life is all sunshine and roses and their shit don’t stink.

Then the second album comes out, and the follow-up sounds like a completely different artist.

I’m looking at you, John Legend, Alicia Keys and Norah Jones.

Don’t be shocked that I singled out the piano-playing children here, cos that’s what I’ve been listening to for the past coupla weeks. And right now, I’m sampling Alicia’s new album As I Am, and I can’t say I’m really disappointed. But I’m pissed.

Besides the clear and obvious hip-hopfication we noticed from her previous album, it’s all getting a little … butch for my taste. My initial attraction to Alicia’s music was a certain innocence, a vulnerability that was just, you know, I’m here to make music and I’m loving it.

I guess every artist grows, but the fact that her music is being infused with more and more electronic influences and rougher beats just kills the essence of what I believe Miss Keys should be. Oh, and the Lauryn-Hillesque “uh” and “yeah” and “that’s right” grunting on Superwoman don’t help either.

It’s not bad. It’s just not the Alicia Keys I fell in love with. She’s gone, and the world is a lesser place for it.

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  1. I prefer the funky Alicia Keys and this new album is awesome especially No One is an awesome song.

  2. I love her new album, and i love her first album….she grew up that’s all and with that, innocence will inevitably get lost along the way!

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game! ( i just felt like throwing that in there!)

  3. Never liked the Keys wailing myself. Am rather astonished at her taste in wardrobe. She never can get it right. She was decent in the smoking aces though along side Common.

  4. Okay I admit No One is a catchy tune, but really, I don’t like the changes. Anyway, guess it’s natural with growing up.

    Why are we looking at her wardrobe, again? Nice ass though …

    As for John Legend, he’s the one who’s taken to wailing!

  5. OMG dude I can’t believe to the left to the left was nominated for Record of the Year!?!

    At least we can be sure it won’t beat ella eh eh …

  6. Honestly if you look at the list properly, you’ll realize Amy Winehouse is winning everything in sight.

  7. You’re right! Amy Winehouse has a bunch of nominations and despite all the drug shit, she deserves every bit of it, reckon she can do a Lauryn Hill?

  8. Her wardrobe sucks. Too ‘ghetto trying to be designer’. She ain’t got the Kim queen bee in her to pull it off.

  9. If by do a Lauryn Hill you mean move to Jamaica, marry a Marley, and go absolutely feckin crazy… I think it’s in the realm of possibilities.

    And to quote the MAN Bob Dylan:

    ‘I was thinking about Alicia Keys, couldn’t help from crying/When she was born in Hell’s Kitchen, I was living down the line/I’m wondering where in the world Alicia Keys could be/I been looking for her even clean through Tennessee.’

  10. Amy Winehouse is the best thing to happen to the music industry over the past year. She will definitely sweep the awards and make an impact. But will she be sober whilst accepting the Grammys? We will see. For Alicia Keys I still listen to her first album but now it’s all commercialised and boring.

  11. nigga all i know is jigga’s album is the hot shizzle and american gangster is gonna kill the oscars and the grammys next timje for real!!!

  12. Yeah, the movie American Gangster is awesome, and to be honest Jay-Z’s album has almost restored my faith in rap. I mean almost, until he got Lil’ Weezy (who’s featuring on everybody and their sister’s tracks these days) to mumble on Hello Brooklyn.

    Amy is a goddess, and I love her voice … this cocaine thing though? Not the first musician to be high on the coca of course, but still … whatever crushes her powder, as long as she makes records I don’t curr.

  13. I bet American Gangster doesn’t get an Oscar. I even doubt it will be nominated for any. I expected the movie to be crap, found it did better than I expected, but not Oscar worthy. Something just didn’t feel right. Can never buy Washington as a baddy. Even that Oscar for training day was a farce. I think someone thought, ‘fuck it, give it to the black dude since we are giving it to the black(ish) chick, just this once.’ Nice ending though. A nice change to the usual.

  14. That’s why it’s such a great movie … it’s unexpected. Something about it never felt right, and I must admit I felt queasy almost all the way through.

    Now, how many movies these days can you say actually made you FEEL something, anything? It made me very uneasy, and left my loyalties conflicted and slightly confused.

    That itself is worth an Oscar, in these days of giant robots, animated bees and armoured polar bears.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  15. I meant didn’t sit right in a Denzel was unconvincing, his wife was pointless and who the hell tried to blow her up. Like Crow’s story though. And Common playing TI’s father? But like I said, there was something about it that was lacking. Maybe that’s what you get with ‘based on actual events’.

    But thatÒ€ℒs just my opinion. πŸ™‚

  16. I dont think America is ready for a black president (Will smith please take note and stop talking out of your big-eared ass). I am rooting for Hillary simply because I think she will be more difficult to beat than Barack. The devil will always be wearing a blue dress whichever way you look at in America. She might as well be wearing Prada.

  17. Going back to the original music blog, a brother who is underrated in the music world is Anthony Hamilton. I would let him put the moves on me any day of the week.

  18. ya who he?? is he related to Lewis Hamilton????

    on the presidancy thing i think the Americans will go with hillary coz they do not want a black man in charge (of the most powerful nation on earth)

    on the music trip i gues artist’s mature, move with the time and incorporate new idea’s in their newer albums…
    they wld sound a bit dull if album after album they sounded the same

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  20. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Didnt even make it past 5 seconds. I bet he be moaning about some girl. YUCK.

  21. Children of today, no eye for real talent, I bet you would say that Beyonce is a better entertainer than Tina Turner.

  22. Okay seriously now Eleanour, all the brownie points you have earned with me over the years have just flown out the window.

    Anthony Hamilton? Are you listening with your ears or your … brownie?

  23. Seems it extends to my so-called friends as well, that lack of taste. And with nary an exception to prove the rule in sight.

  24. dhlaks (RE: Sucking) – BITE ME!!!
    And Beyonce is too whiny and all she is is a performer (entertaining to watch). Nothing more.

  25. but all we wanna do with beyonce is watch…. unless u r Jay Z 😈

    and i dont bite….. unless u want me to πŸ˜€

  26. Gala B) we aim to please B)

    about the emotes continue being this nice to me and i might consider tellin u how they’re done πŸ˜‰

    Tino what is disgusting πŸ˜•

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