I don’t like cricket …

One-day cricket. The fun, the sun, the ups and downs. The pretty girls in summer wear, the ducks and near misses, the fours. The spinners, the singles, the sixes, the appeals.

The booze. The biltong. The sights, the sounds, the fingers, the wides. The laughter, the music, kids, the jokes, the insults, the screams, the anguish, the hope, the joy, the winners.

The girlfriends, the wives, the hotties, the notties, the naughties, the rum, the burgers, the arseholes, the smiles, the kisses.

One-day cricket has everything, especially when you watch it with friends.

… I love it.

6 Replies to “I don’t like cricket …”

  1. Yeah it was a fun day. You know how long it’s been since we had some cricket, considering how much of it we used to get!

    I don’t do pressure … wasn’t too excited about the red. I’m working on something much, much lighter.

  2. Please make sure that the words adequately contrast the backgound. Plus a link to the comments. Also please have the title of the post be a link to the post.

    No comment on Cricket.

  3. I’m thinking of taking a trip up on Friday to Bloem and going to support the ‘boys’ in their opening T20 match. Figured I’d be patriotic and stuff.Just for kicks.

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