14 Replies to “Let’s talk about sects, baby”

  1. Tara, you must have them confused with the n’anga. although to be fair, it’s the flip side of the same hoodoo coin.

  2. @Tara: did you vote? or were you one of those turned away for having somehow blown 15 hours of voting opportunities? This election is turning out to be about as farcical as some of our 3rd world ones. then they want to get on their electoral high horses and bleat on to the rest of us about change and reforms and democracy and all that jazz. *rant over*

  3. Voted before work. Way I see it, you snooze, you lose. Polls were open bright and early. Wanted to get in those extra 20 minutes’ sleep? Figured you’d get your vote in after work instead? Didn’t consider everyone else was thinking the same thing?

    I vote for a runoff. Not this negotiating nonsense. So how do the Japanese do this sort of thing? Are you eligible to vote?

  4. LOL. No foreigner is entitled to voting privileges here, even if you are a permanent resident. We will sully and destroy the very fabric of Japanese society. 130 million of them, 2 million of us. God, foreigners are so powerful.

    The Japanese are sheep, they do what they are told, so I can’t take seriously anything they do on the electoral front.

    What do you see happening in the short term: Lib-Lab or Lib-Con? Frankly that Cameron gives me the heeby jeebies. Brown just gives me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Tony Blair had the Iraq war but still managed to gain a comprehensive victory, he must be loving this.

  5. It’s gonna be Labour + Lib-Dems. If the Tories come back, all y’all Taras (darkies) will be shipped out tout suite.

  6. Gordon Brown sitting there in his Number 10 office whistling ‘And I am telling you, I’m not goooiiiiing’. He can take a leaf or two out of Bob’s Handiende handbook.

  7. 8-0. Put that in your pipe and smoke it ManUre. How do you like them apples?

  8. Tories. The first plebiscite – that’s election for you plebs that I ever voted in was the 1997 General Election in England that saw new Labour in. If you want to know who I voted for, I voted strategically – lived in a Labour ward and Tories had no chance of winning so voted Lib Dem

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