I hate erections

What is it with Africans and elections? It seems like everywhere across the continent, once campaign time comes along, we abandon all civility and start killing and maiming?

Kigali – Two hand grenade attacks in the Rwandan capital Kigali killed two people and wounded 27 others overnight, a police spokesperson said on national Radio Rwanda on Sunday.

The attacks are the latest in a wave of violence in the run-up to presidential elections in August after similar attacks had hit Kigali on February 19 and March 4, with two dead and about 20 wounded.

You would think people in goddamn RWANDA would have had enough of violence. But no, here we go again, another in a long line of bloody election campaigns.

What the hell?

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  1. And it’s never the politicians killing each other, it’s the person with nary 2 cents to rub together. You wonder where they get their missionary zeal from on empty stomachs. Because let’s face it, the face of government may change, but for Ole Joe Blog, life continues pretty much as it always has. Kufira munhu asingatombozivi of your existence?

  2. Well, don’t they get “paid” for their efforts? Beer, smokes, a little pocket change?

    I’ve always thought militant political activism, at core, as a mercenary pursuit in itself.

  3. The problem with erections is multi faceted but I will touch on a couple of areas.

    In the world there are some who think that to have an erection you have to history on your side – you fought a war, you were unpopular at school, you didn’t get any chicks before, etc. So they are unhappy when others who do not fit their criteria have an erection.

    On top of that they think that anyone outside of their group must have an erection with assistance, so there is a british penile pump inserted in them or that they are using viagra.

    The biggest irony is that the old folk are the ones using the viagra and not realising that they are artificially maintaining erections through unnatural means.

    Finally – I know I said a couple of things but who is counting – is that some peeps think that you can’t particpate in BSD time if your erection is on an uncircumcised penis. Only if you are circumcised will you realise the pain and hardship that the powers that be went through, only then will you appreciate the sacrifice of a foreskin.

    To hell with reconciliation and moving with the times. Henceforth all ercetions must be black, circumcised and more than 6 inches

  4. like Coltr-eezy with “Ascension”,
    that could possibly be a stroke of geniusnessness,
    or a big ball of navel fluff,

    the results are being witheld.

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