ManUre, cabron, saluda di campeon

Well done Chelsea. And yay Liverpool, we missed out on our sixth (dammit!), but at least we’ll probably sell Gerrard (yuss!) and maybe ship Torres off as well.

All in all, a great weekend. Eh?


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  1. This was London’s season. Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs.
    If Liverpool want to scale those dizzy heights, they have to be offloaded by those Americans. Failing that, it’s a future of Carling Cup runs as the highlight of a season !

  2. Thank you Joe we surely deserved to win. I would have appreciated it though if you had made the article a bit longer though you know talking more about how fantastic Chelsea is etc.

  3. Otti, I’ll say it once and for all: fuck Chelsea.

    And Drogba. And Lampard, and the rest of that spoilt, filthy mercenary cesspool.

    But you won, and you won it in style, so clap clap for that. Granted 🙂

  4. Oh I hate him … and the way he went apeshit after that other game that other time when they were thrashed and he acted like his leg was broke but he jumped around and swore at everyone after the game?

    Not endearing.

  5. And the commentators will describe it as ‘passion’. No that’s just a 5 year old throwing their toys out of the cot and thrashing about on the ground in a fit of temper.

    So over yonder in that big lump of mud known as Ingerlund, things have gotten interesting. Brown has outmaneuvred the Tories with the announcement of his resignation. David Cameron must wake up weeping inconsolably into his bowl of cereal.

  6. My favourite was a newspaper referring to the possible Lib-Con coalition as ‘Con-Dem Nation’. Sterling stuff.

  7. But Eleanor, what did voters vote for? And is that wish being respected? Then whatever outcome arises is it not clear that democratic elections are nothing but daggle dung. It’s not that there is no precedence, look at the shame called Italy over the last 20 years, and one gets an idea where we are headed. My advice, just toss a coin dammit!

  8. Am pretty sure that when the Lib Dem voter cast their votes, they weren’t hoping for a coalition with the Tories. Pretty sure that given a chance, they’d take Labour.

    Also, the strategic LibDem voter must be kicking himself if the strategy was to vote Lib Dem to prevent Tories getting in. All they really did was take seats from Labour.

    What I don’t get is all this hating on Brown. I find him rather human and hardly a fuck up. Guy just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And so what he aint the most charismatic bloke around. I rather like that about him. What you see is what you get. A doer, not a talker. And this notion that things will work out if he resigns, was he really a force to be reckoned with. Did he really make the decisions based on his personal take on issues. Is he really that powerful, as to need to be out of the way for shit to happen. I just dont get it. Just like I don’t get ACM just tried to say.

  9. Tara, don’t worry about what ACM just tried to say, he tends to rant and promote a narrative nobody else seems to quite understand. *duck*

    Gordon Brown? He was a major fuck-up, and remember the way he ranted and raved and bitched his way into power? All to be another damp squib in a rather long life of them.

  10. Whatever. Am now looking forward to Dave Miliband as Prime Minister. A regular James Bond. Plus he’s only 44. Kinda looks like Wentworth Miller. It’ll be great. Did I mention he looks like Wentworth Miller? I rather love being British. You can choose your leader based on looks. Whereas, other places, you’re kinda stuck with the one choice, which strictly speaking, ain;t even a choice.

  11. AND, he’s an Atheist, in spite of his Jewish background.

    (Just been wikipiediaing)

  12. ACM, the current legislation states that the sitting government gets first right to form a new government. And if Labour and the Lib Dems do form a coalition, that is over 50% of the vote that they hold. The rest of Europe is no stranger to coalitions, so you have the right-wing press to blame for the current hysteria about a hung parliament.

    Tara, David is taken. Don’t you know he has eyes only for Hillary?

  13. Dammit all to hell and back! Looks like I’m coming home. Jesus, five years of that smarmy face? Seriously?! It just don’t make no sense.

  14. Anonymous, I am with you on this. I can’t stand that pudding-faced smarmy little Bullingdon Club git. Dzoka dande mumwe wangu. And I love the fact that they want to put a curb on non-EU migrants. I can only say to them, good luck trying. Mubhoyi haumukunde.

  15. Greece is a major banana republic now so I wouldn’t recommend it. Zim seems an island of economic stability in comparison.

  16. That Anonymous was me, Soz. This week has been a bad week for sure. First Chelsea. Now the Tories. What else is blue? Bad things come in threes right? Just get it over and done with.

  17. Have no interest in UK politics and therefore know squat about whats potting there.
    Or maybe I lack interest because of my ignorance.
    Either way,
    regardless of who pops into Downing Street,
    The man in the street shall remain the man in the street,
    A chav shall still be average,
    And an Eton boy shall still go to Eton,
    And zimboz shall still flood in.

  18. Though the Tories are no worse than the average politician, there are certainly better than labour. Labour would have led the UK into the same doldrums as Greece and the EU in general.

  19. Gordon led the globe out of the mess Greece is in (so I’m told). Gord was a solid Prime Minister. So what he didn’t look good on camera. Are we really that shallow, to not be able to see past that?

  20. Gordon was the cause of the global mess, he was in charge of the money printing machine, and the nationalisation of banks. the deficit happened under Gordon, the deficit is the single larget threat to the UK.

  21. have you been in some hole the last 10 years. Gordon as chancellor of exchequer presided on and led a policy of artifically lowering of interest rates and increasing the a deficit. The cause of all boom bust phenomenon.The dotcom and housing bubble occured under his watch. ( a bubble is caused by governments artificial intervention in the market) the UK has moved from being the 4th largest industrialised nation to now 7th and falling.

  22. And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Look it up.

    As Bertrand Russell put it, “In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

  23. El, stop spoiling …

    ACM, play nice …

    JB, put your willy back in your broeks …

    Tara, hey wsup 😉

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