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  1. * I was confused and that link shed a lot of light. Too bad I couldn’t share it with you seeing as you could use some and I am to my ears with power. πŸ˜‰

  2. The audacity of Thabo Mbeki though to come out and apologise like he didnt know that there were going to be problems as far back as 10 years ago. What I love though is Sasko reactions: burning buses and trains and stuff. And this after only a few days without power. Some of the bigger mines have been told to close as well which has forced gold/platinum prices up, so at least the Chinese are smiling all the way to the bank, now that they have dethroned SA as world’s leading gold producer.

  3. In totally unrelated news

    phew had to get that out of the system

    our chinky eyed friends will indeed be smillin.
    SA shld just man up and build another damned nuclear reactor

    we shld build one too but then GWB wld have an excuse to bomb us 8)

    cant give him that now can we

  4. dude after istanbul i never scared for the reds πŸ˜€ not untill its 90 on the clock and we are 3 down

  5. I got to spend time with a very attractive guy who I used to work with on friday night. Unfortunately the relationship is restricted to Facebook and the odd office drinks that he attends to catchup with everyone else from work. But man, the guy puts a very stupid grin on my face and has my butterfly-filled stomach doing triple-triple backflips. He is so georgeous.

  6. Hey ma brother from the other mother how’re you doing down the water world welcome to reality not in the dream land Harare were you’re happy to wake up with zesa or water itai madiro nemvura have a good time bra

  7. was just in Cape Town where they had a power cut that stranded 500 people ontop of Table Mountain- along with a bunch more dangling in cable cars. 2 folks died.

    On a completely unrelated note- after 5 minutes of dealing with your national airline I fucking hate Air Zimbabwe. How does a flight leave 8 hours early? Joe what the hell do I do in Vic Falls for the night?

  8. ROTFL. And I thought my life sucked. 8 Hours early? Was there even anyone on the flight? Man, I feel for you.

  9. Gez who’s back? heyo peeps and haters, what’s cooking? happy 200 (000000000000000000000000) 8

  10. did i scare the hell on u Cheeks? am not a big fan of fighting ana Mafikizolo…Who’s we? real assholes don’t speak on behalf of other rustygatian….

  11. So JB the Harbajan nyaya got dropped and he was charged on a lesser offence. Your thoughts? Is this another BCCI conspiracy.

  12. Of course it’s a conspiracy. It’s a damn outrage too. One set for Indian cricketers, another for the rest?

    Anyway, they’re “releasing all the evidence” tomorrow.

  13. well he was charged and convicted basically on the word of the ozzy players so this lesser charge is a save face for ICC

    so say what u say Proctor was kinda presumptious

  14. I love the fact that initially they welcomed the stump mic transcript, had time to think about it, then started complaining about new evidence being brought in. the smell of a rather large rat is overwhelming. We need to call us a Pied Piper.

  15. Am I asking for a bollocking if I suggest that JB starts a “rustygatians” group on facebook for those (rustygatians) who are on facebook? If I am, just ignore.

  16. Ignored.

    dhlaks, you have no idea what he was charged and convicted on. Neither have I, or anyone outside the loop.

    Methinks that stump mic picked something up, and something may have been stripped from the record here.

    The pungent smell of rodent hangs in the air …

  17. Holla. Joe your nations cup is boring, what’s all the fuss about then?

    Gala on Facebook we have faces and names, here we are anonymous at least.

  18. Too right, welcome back you! I’m loving the AfCoN iwe shamwari, check out your Bafana got roasted that’s why u mad? Guess not.

    It’s a little early to tell, but I see Cote D’Ivoire making life interesting…

  19. Everyone has an agenda, you always have to ask who stands to benefit from a certain chain of events. Maybe the Australians wouldnt have come out looking like their sh** dont stink if the transcript had been released. Coz you have to wonder what they heard to downgrade the charges. And even for the offence he was charged with, he didnt get the book thrown at him. it was just half his match fee, which is mere chump change.

  20. Tendulkar said he heard Harbhajan “use a term in his native tongue “teri maa ki” which appears to be pronounced with an “n”. He said this is a term that sounds like “monkey” and could be misrepresented for it.”

    ‘Thus fell Lord Perth, and the earth did shake with that thunder’ – Stephen King

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