When a spade is not a spade, but a jewel-encrusted golden shovel of shit and maggots and cash money

So, finally we get the details and reasoning behind Harbhajan Singh being absolved of making a racist comment against Australia. I’m not gonna go on at length about it, cos I’m incensed at the entire process and the results, but in the interests of information dissemination, here are few choice nuggets I’ve picked up. Like, how Sachin Tendulkar’s word may have played a big part.

Tendulkar said he heard Harbhajan use a term in his native tongue “teri maa ki” which appears to be pronounced with an “n”. He said this is a term that sounds like “monkey” and could be misrepresented for it.

‘And thus fell Lord Perth, and the earth did shake with that thunder.’ – Stephen King. Goodbye SRT, thanks for the memories.

Of course the Aussies are pissed off, and not kuti their very own art form has come back to bite them in the arse. Apparently Cricket Australia “caved” to the money-spinning Indians, and they’re mighty miffed down under.

In what the paper described as a “brazen act of provocation”, the Indian board chartered a plane to whisk their one-day squad from Melbourne – the venue for Friday’s Twenty20 fixture – to Adelaide, so that they could fly home to India if the charges against Harbhajan were not dropped. The move was described by MV Sridhar, the team’s assistant manager, as a “show of solidarity”.

Money talks, bullshit walks apparently. But wait, what’s this I hear from Sri Lanka’s board, due to play a lucrative tri-series against Aus and India soon? A little Asian solidarity perhaps? Surely not.

Ranatunga, a former Sri Lankan captain, called for a ban on sledging and hoped the Australians would learn their lessons from this controversy.

And finally, this little pearl from the stump microphone, which apparently recorded Mathew Hayden a little pissed off with Bhajji after the slur.

“You’ve got a witness now, champ,” says Hayden. “It’s racial vilification, mate. It’s a shit word and you know it.”

Make up your own mind; I just happen to recognise the smell of bullshit.

My sources are here, here, here and here. Debate continues on the Guardian Unlimited site here.

31 Replies to “When a spade is not a spade, but a jewel-encrusted golden shovel of shit and maggots and cash money”

  1. bullshit we all smell,screw those good for nothing indians and if the sri lankans wanna be on their side screw them too.

  2. well my question is does gilly or symonds understand indian???

    coz it says he spoke in native lingo

    dont hate the asians hate the game(s administrators) 😀

  3. We don’t hate the Asians. We hate a situation where the Asians get away with racism just because they have millions more people who watch cricket.

    That, as the farmer said to the cowboy, is bull shit.

  4. while there may be honour among thieves, there has been little honour in this whole fiasco, because the whole problem was that it was always one person’ word agenest another. And in the desire to win at all costs, the integrity of the game was lost. Cricket is what loses in this whole thing. And of course its about the money, that is what that whole rebel league is about. Washed out has-beens cashing in on filthy lucre while they still have their scattered wits about them.

  5. And to misquote Dick Cheney in all this, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Known unknowns and unknown unknowns and all that.

  6. O Liverpool, Liverpool, woe is thee.

    Six Nations, with no clue on any of the teams, I can’t pick anyone yet. My heart’s with Ireland though. France are always innit to winnit.

  7. Yeah apparently he was in a medical not long ago.

    Tino it’s the racism thing that gets my goat, and I’m surprised you even have to ask. Try and keep up 🙂

  8. Imi baba imi, musawanzire mwana. I think she is just surprised at the extent of your vehemence. Which begs the question, are you surprised at all by these events? Coz its not like the Indians are renowned for their tolerance. Look at their caste system. If it’s disappointment spurring your agenest, how could things possibly have panned out any other way knowing what you know.

  9. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Reality check. I just thought, you know, RACISM. MONKEY. CRICKET. INDIA. Surely, with all the monkey chants, and Bhajji having done it before, and all the hullabaloo in the sporting world about RACISM, the Big Hammer would come down.

    Guess Malcom Speed’s too lily-livered and weak-kneed to wield a Big Hammer, let alone a … *snip snip editorial & lawyerly snip* …

  10. Hmmmmm, I’m not sure. Will he score more, with the more accomplished passing regimen at City? Will he be able to gel with a new side, and settle in the dready north after moving from the (also dreary) sarf’ coast?

    Was the ‘African’ culture at Portsmouth a factor in his development? Can he prosper under a technician like Sven, instead of a romantic like ‘Arry?

    My initial take is one of discomfort, but one can only wait and see, yeah? If he plays.

  11. It’s like a jewel needing its proper setting, I doubt Man City is not the setting that will make him shine. And also look at how long it took him to get his engines revved up at Pompey. Although if someone offered me 65 000 pounds a week, I would be prepared to be a dull diamond.

  12. Benjani is not going to City anymore,how sad.Money seems not to be liking him with the commission and the cool 65k per week,i dont mind sitting on the bench….

  13. Yeah looks like ‘Arry decided to keep him. But look at the pressure now … he’s got Baros AND Defoe to contend with for a place also 🙂

  14. Idzo nyaya dzenyu dzemabhoyi dzekusagona kuchengeta time. Hona manje Benjani shot himself in the foot:

    ‘It is understood that City officials got cold feet on the deal after the player turned up several hours late having missed two flights to Manchester, and tried to abort the deal. Portsmouth, however, claim the paperwork had all gone through and that Benjani should be a City player.’

    You know the gods do everything they can for you and you fcuk it up yourself, who do you curse then? Kutadza kungokwira ndege bedzi. Chivanhu chakaipa vanhu wee!

  15. Can someone explain to me why no one told me Michael Owen moved to New Castle? When and why did this happen? JB, you must have been gutted.

  16. Gala S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. You must crawl out from under that sporting rock you are hiding.

    re: Benjani. JB, on whom would you apportion blame then? Coz that is the beef that I have with all my people, if you are going to be late, tell someone before the event so people make contigency plans. Dont tell me you are going to be late when you are already late, of course by then even a simpleton like me would have figured that out.

    Official line: “City said the transfer collapsed because Benjani arrived too late in Manchester to complete the deal before the midnight deadline. ” And I’m sticking to it.

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