If you don’t know, now you know

People are complex organisms. Human beings have free will, and they make their own choices. Some are good, some are bad, some are downright eeeveel, but they’re choices. I’m all for religion, worship in whatever form it comes in, faith to whatever deity or principal someone chooses. When one person or group’s specific moral leanings begin to encroach on the rights, beliefs or thoughts of others, I have a problem. People are free to choose what they believe in, and only when their actions contradict societal norms, then their society can sanction them accordingly.

Read: not everyone should be Christian, Jew, Muslim, hindu or whatever. People can choose. Stop fighting about it.

I don’t mind pets. Feel free to have your dog, cat, fish, alligator or nine-metre snake. When your pet then decides to shit, vomit, piss, bite, sting, kill, eat or otherwise screw up another person’s life, maybe it’s time to consider doing what other lonely people do. Have a fecking baby.

Read: keep your dog in your yard, dammit.

Life is for living. The world is one big amusement park, and we need to learn to treat it like one. There are challenges, trials, but all leading to boundless joy and wonder. Don’t look for monsters in every closet and hoods around every corner. Live a little.

Read: don’t be afraid to try new things, new people.

Love exists. Just because someone hurt you before doesn’t mean the next person will feck you over as well. You have to believe in the power of the human spirit; you have to believe in people. In feelings. Follow your heart – love will pass you by if you think all men are dogs and all women whores. Take a chance, your heart will thank you for it.

Read: go ahead, open yourself up.

People are fallible, and they make mistakes. A moment of stupidity does not a villain make. Learn to appreciate that and you’ll see people for who they are …  simple creatures. Give them a chance.

Read: forgive, and you’ll be all the better for it.

That’s me, and those are my principles. If anything is ever said about me, let it be that I lived my life, loved my women and took my chances. Staying true to yourself is about the best any of us can ever do, and I think I’ve done that.

Just thought you should know.

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  1. Thanks Vim, you know those days when you feel like throwing it all out there, your principles, your ideals … for better or worse. Today is one of those days! How goes the bright light life?

  2. Bright light life…eish, i long for the simplicity of life in Zim. Here, freedom and materialism comes at a price! The Man is working me to death shamwari!

  3. Oh, let me elaborate…well sort of…

    Brilliant piece…my two cents follows….

    On religion:

    “Religion is the opium of the people.” Chairman Mao.

    It is also, comforting to the devout, an irritant to the rational and useful to politicians.

    On living:

    Im with you all the way – do everything, break all taboos and limitations…live with all the consequences.

    On relationships:

    Every single being on the planet will only raise a finger when the PRIMARY benefit of their action goes to themselves. The key to making a relationship work is to diguise this selfishness in mutual benefit in whatever both of you do.

  4. Can’t be as hard as up here, honey. With our “issues” and our USD prices and our strange political climate.

    Still, keep doing the thing, we need somewhere to crash when we cross da river.

  5. JB, you mean you won’t be going north via Chirundu way 🙂 Hear Chirundu is the equivalent of Vegas or Tijuana. A lot of fun to be had there for a boy with some money to spare.

  6. Speaking of new things, have just been on a desert safari aka dune bashing in the UAE. All my four stomachs were in my throat I tell you. Once I got out of the car and my jellied wobbling knees had found a bit of solidity and the adrenaline kicked in, I figured that it’s lots of fun and worth doing again. Would definitely recommend it to any thrill seekers who don’t quite cherish the prospect of hanging off a dangling rope over a large body of water and prefer to remain grounded.

  7. Get away Tara, you know Chirundu is death station! LOL

    Elle, sounds like loads of fun, but to anyone who hasn’t been down the old Zambezi in a raft, do it! Do. It.

  8. Chirundu’s only death station if you don’t know how to behave yourself. Mind, if you do behave yourself, you probably won’t have much fun! Fuck it, just stick to the original plan and go south. There ain’t nothing worth seeing in the north anyway unless you are going north of the desert.

    On the extreme sport front, I got nothing. To get that kind of a rush I (sort of) run after the bus.

  9. I just spit coffee out of my nose!

    Joe, please you know I react to hilarious tasteless humour- godammit my monitor is covered in coffee.

  10. Should probably comment JB’s “The Meaning of Life”

    “Just because someone hurt you before doesn’t mean the next person will fuck you over as well.”

    Easily the largest mountain I’ve climbed in life is taking this advice. Often I get told I’m too trusting (and yes people have screwed me over a bunch of times in love, money, and just plain ‘ole time) but I can’t stop offering of myself just because I’ve met some assholes.

  11. Dude, she gave him herpes. Whup that trick, as Terrence Howard would say!

    Trusting people is not easy, but when you do, you form life-long relationships. C’est la vie.

  12. JB, don’t be a jerk. She adequately justified infecting him with herpes. 🙂 Seriously, everyone knows that you can catch herpes from an infested toilet seat. But even more seriously, imagine if that was your beloved sister. You seriously condoning any form of domestic abuse?

  13. No, I’m saying she gave him herpes then started giving him shit cos he got an SMS. I’m not saying he should have beat her.

    I’m saying women also have to realise they sometimes play a part in their own abuse. If you fuck with a man (or his ego), he’ll fuck with your face.

    I’m not saying it’s right. I’m saying it’s reality.

  14. Like Cartman said ‘Deeseepreen’ (discipline in Japanese). I wouldn’t have messed with her face. I would have gone for the kidneys.

  15. C’mon Tara, you know we all fight with whatever talents we were given. Women use their tongues, unfortunately men resort to fisticuffs. It’s the way it is.

    Personally, I would never beat my woman, and I never have (you can ask). Some men do it, though … faeces occur.

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