It happens to the best of us…

It seems my database was….uhm…corrupted either early Thursday or late Wednesday. Whatever happened, you couldn’t open any stories and comments. Which, as you’ve probably guessed, managed to really feck me off.

Not surprisingly, it’s taken a day to get it sorted out. Now, something like this shouldn’t take so long, but a combination of factors, including what sounds like a backup which can’t be restored (what, then, is the point, I ask you) and an angry database. Now, having been on the other side of the fence, I’m not trying to be a “user” about this, but come on?

Anyway, we’ve rolled back a few days to Monday, and if you’ve made contributions which have disappeared, I am truly sorry. Look at it this way – you weren’t making any fecking sense anyway, haha.

Btw, thanks to Paul at WebDev for helping us get back on the internets 🙂

Update: Managed to update a bit more, but still missing a few comments – thanks again to Paul for his hard work

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  1. yah I noticed I couldn’t respond to you asking me about handbags. handbags? at least it is sorted out now

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