Some weekends are better than others

Saturday was amazing. One moment I’m formatting and re-installing the world’s heaviest laptop (I think I’m gonna park this baby at home and never move it; 4,1kg!!). The next, my cousin rescues me from work, I’m in the Scud, I’m at a party then I’m in da club. Here’s an update of the interesting bits (you know I’ve left the best shit out, *wink*).

Methinks Shakira was wrong
A few of you might know that I’ve been obsessing about a certain young lady recently. And her hips. Besides the fact that she’s got possibly the most perfectest ass I’ve ever seen in real life, she also happens to be cute as hell. Well, after spending a little time with her, I have to declare that I’m moving on, guys. To cut a long story short, I think her hips did lie. Not my type at all. I’d still do her, though.

Partying can be….bloody
So was invited to a party on Saturday night. Loads of good fun, I confess. Good food, great company, drink was flowing and all the chicks were hot. Although, like almost every party in the history of parties, it always ends in tears, especially when one my mates had an accident. With a glass. See, when the bottle of Sambuca comes out, and everyone has to take a shot, there’s always that one motherfecker who tries to run. And someone who tries to stop ’em; in this case, the tackler kinda fell head-first on his glass and went to trauma center with a gash on his head. C’est la vie, my children.

By the way, if you remember Miss Interbanks 2006, turns out I know her. An old friend, and I’d totally forgotten her face, how embarrassing is that shit? Anyway, I think she forgave me, and if you’re reading this, hope you like the photos 🙂

Life is a merry-go-round

Would you believe it? Circus Nightclub. Of all places. It’s back in business, people. Went there for the after-party, and damn, the place was jumping! The chicas were out in full force (minis and errr’thing) but I wasn’t looking cos I had my own team. Seriously, these Zimbos never cease to amaze me; kufarira joy chete? Makaoma.

Rugby is a wonderful game

I love it. Don’t you? South Africa thought they were in (aka tapinda tapinda) but England came back and whipped their ass. Nice. Then Ireland do the thing, beating Os to within an inch of their life! You know, it’s things like this which keep life interesting. Ireland for the Six Nations, anyone? No? Ok.

*Sigh*. Sometimes you have to wonder how you got so lucky.

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  1. iwe are you saying CIRCUS at strathaven is still open?!!!!!!! someone told me it was closed for good ndirikudzoka

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