Play your position, playa

The funny thing about life is how we can never be content just living our own.

People always wanna involve themselves in other people’s shit, whether through direct interference, asking questions or straight gossiping.

I see this all the time – some people wanna be the main actors in my life. But it will never happen. There’s only one star in this shit, and that’s me. Most of y’all ain’t even in the supporting cast.

Most of y’all are extras. Deal with it.

See, peeps need to learn to play their positions. If you’re just a random acquaintance, keep your nose out of my shit, unless I broach the subject. Don’t start asking me about my bedroom, damn.

If you’re a regular buddy, drinking or otherwise, and you see I have a problem, THEN you can gently prod, and if you see I’m not forthcoming, back the feck off.

If you’re a friend, then you’re well within your rights to ask me direct questions, talk shit through and offer solutions.

If you’re family, your only job is to support me no matter what. Not to ask questions, no need to, it will all come out, just stay on my team.

I see lots of people playing out of position, and I wonder to myself … do they realise? Cos then you could easily be labelled a hater, or worse, properly hated and cast off the team. And these are simple things, comrades.

If you’re a drinking buddy, buy me a drink. Finish.

If you’re a mate, talk shit over, preferably over a bottle. Klaar.

If you’re a lover, just love, that’s all, just give love. Chete.

If you’re family, like I said, support, support, support. Kuphela.

Otherwise, you’re just another nosy-ass busy-body, and not in a Nigerian bootyshakin song kind of way.

Thing is, whatever your position on my team is, you also hold EACH of the other positions in other people’s teams. So don’t worry, if you wanna hear bedroom nyayas, someone for damn sure will tell ya.

Know your place.

9 Replies to “Play your position, playa”

  1. Okay….
    as in okay… now you know how it feels to be a cyber-celeb! Us lot who fall into the ” involve themselves in other people’s shit” category only do it because after 5 years of diligently following you… we kinda feel we know you! So when we ask questions we shouldnt and get confused about our official roles its only coz we are thinking we are close 🙂
    @Mos – unfortunately my mind is too filled with junk…but I aspire!

  2. p.s. my confused state about roles also extends to thinking Alex Ferguson should consult me on squad selection!

  3. You should realise the thing isn’t about blog followers, but peeps IRL* who think they know me better than they do.

    I love you followers … I really do LOL. You’re free to say ANYthing you like.

    * – IRL = In Real Life

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