Happy Birthday to me!

So here we are. The big three-oh. Buff Daddy once told me that when you hit thirty, you’ll feel it. Well I do. After exactly four years of living out loud (yes,rustygate.org is four today), I feel a lot of things.

I feel age creeping up on me like a lesbian vampire, stalking me through every success and failure, from trouble to triumph until it strikes me down without mercy.

I feel joyful, even arrogant, at having crossed the silent theshold from youth to adulthood, albeit with no measurable successes to show for it, but no spectacular failures either.

So far it has been a fairly middling existence, trying to balance stability in my chosen field with advancement in my given talents. I’d say I’ve done pretty well so far, and I do have a few regrets, but those are learning experiences.

But I’m thankful, for all the friends and lovers I have met on my journey, some have shaped the way I look at the world, some have darkened my view of mankind, but all have had an influence on who I am, and for that I’m grateful.

For family, for my true friends, for my lovely fiancee, I am truly grateful.

To paraphrase FDR, I should like to have it said of my first thirty years that in them the forces of stupidity and of hate met their match. I should like to have it said of my second thirty years that in them these forces met their master.

Let the games continue!

13 Replies to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Dude humbled I got a mention, now you have to watch out for the metabolism. Although Askmen.com tells me that we get fatter because we lose more muscle as opposed to the metabolism slowing down. Anyway you skinny okes suffer big time because the belly starts to show a lot.

    Anyway may you and your Belle (geddit) have a fantastic one.

  2. It’s just a lack of exercise, and besides, I wouldn’t put too much faith in Askmen.com after all it’s just another profit-making revenue-driven web oracle of cliches and hocus.

    The Belle is taking good care of me, thanks!

  3. Belle…snort, snort…nice one BD.
    @JB – it’s not lack of excercise darling. its good living, exellent loving, pure joy that makes you go round and a little stout sideways. Happy birthday …

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