Joseph Chinotimba on SW Radio Africa

If you hadn’t heard, Joseph Chinotimba was on SW Radio Africa. Bra Eddie told me about it, but I wasn’t paying attention until I checked the last Standard and saw the excerpts below. This guy’s a real funny man, but he’s actually serious. What has happened to our country, where people like Chinos wield real power and influence? Disturb your evidence using the 16MB MP3 file after the jump.

JC: Haina kurashika asi yakabiva. (It did not get lost; it was stolen.) If you say I lost it, it means that I didn’t know where. It was stolen. Bvunza wechiti wakabirwa here. (You should ask whether it was stolen.)

VG: So makabirwa nani? Can you tell us what happened?

JC: Very good. Ndiri kuda kuti ubvunze mubvunzo iweyo kuna Minister wangu — kuna Mahlangu. (You should put that question to my minister, to Mahlangu.) I don’t have a comment because if I comment, I’m comment against my Minister who will guide me in the Parliament. So I cannot have a comment just right now before the court are settled. I’m waiting for the court to settle the matter, then I’ll comment after that. If you want to ask you better asked Mr Mahlangu who is my Minister and I cannot comment anything till the court is settled.

VG: Now I did ask Mr Mahlangu’s lawyer and he said his PA had picked your phone which had been dropped, why do you think your phone was actually stolen?

JC: Right now I don’t know whether it was dropped and it was stolen and I’m only going to know what happened exactly in the court and right now I cannot empree (pre-empt) talk anything till the court is paralysed and I cannot disturb my evidence in any way, in any type of talking. So I’m waiting for the court so the court will decide whether the minister had picked up or whether he had been stolen it or not. So I cannot comment.

VG: OK. I hear you have served the deputy minister with summons and you want 19.5 million US dollars, you are suing for 19.5 ….

JC: You better ask him. If he is the one who told you that Mr Chinotimba is claiming for 19.5 million, he’s the one who knows that and how can I say something which is not in my heart? You better ask him. Asked Mr Mahlangu and tell him why is Mr Chinotimba’s claiming that. I cannot comment.

VG: Are you saying you haven’t filed a civil suit?

JC: You better ask Mr Mahlangu, not me!

VG: I did speak to Mr Mahlangu’s lawyer and he confirmed that you are suing for $19.5 million so that’s why I’m asking you, why?

JC: If he is the one who says so what do you want me to say?
VG: Is it a lie?

JC: Maybe. You better ask him.

VG: But I’m asking you because you’re the one who’s suing.
JC: Why, why do you want to ask me? Why don’t you want to ask the person who is being sued? Why do you want to ask me?

VG: What sort of business are you doing that’s worth 19.5 million US dollars?

JC: I don’t have any business, I’m a farmer, where I take some land from your British people, I’m a farmer! I’m a farmer!

VG: Is this one of the farms that you grabbed?

JC: I’m a farmer! I am a farmer! What kind of business which I can do in Zimbabwe unless only to farm? Where the British people were there, eating, enjoying their life, a good life in our land.

VG: What are you farming?

JC: I’m farming people!

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  1. As I very clearly mentioned, at the top of the post, this is not new. But well done for stating the obvious, today’s Shit-Flows-Down-Hill prize goes to you 🙂

  2. wrong side of the bed? minnie stole the duvet? scripts not running? server crashed? Keg out of pussy boy beer? Ag shem.

  3. I actaully thot JB had typed this stuff up in a hurry, hence the gross grammatical errors. But now that I know, it really pisses me off that the country is up shit creak and people actually have faith in douchebags such as this one. Did more reading about the man and I find the whole thing rather depressing. It was as if the man had just was trying to do the whole prisoner of war thing and totally got it wrong. The words that were spilling out of the imbecile’s mouth. I guess the man had a point, but I for one didin’t see it. Arrrrrrrgh! This is so frustrating. How do you Zimbos within remain sane?

  4. Well, considering the maturity of the “land debate” I’m not surprised people of this calibre managed to prosper.

    Besides, it is the nature of every tyranny that it gets the people to do it’s work.

  5. JB’s just bitter that he can’t grab an armchair, grab a beer and get comfortable as he watches. Don’t be a hater!

  6. @Tara who has faith in him
    @JB are you having a party and will there be real beer. FYI he is dirty on Thursday.

  7. That was pure idiocy, but if the guy felt persecuted, then so be it. And to be fair, there was a good chance of his dying in a hail of bullets in JHB!

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