Life is a romantic comedy…

…cos it’s beautiful and always ends well.

That was my answer when asked how my life is recently. The fact that a beautiful woman was doing the asking had no bearing on the answer, of course, but yeah, that was it. A romantic comedy. She asked in the middle of yesterday’s Beautiful Game between the Arse and ManUre, which was absolutely the hottest football match I’ve seen all season.

The week was alright, had it’s ups and downs as usual. One of the highs, definitely, was Kitkins making me dinner, which was kinda cool considering at one point she hated my guts! If you’re reading this Kitkins, thanks a heap, we’ll do it again soon, this time I’ll cook. Well, try to anyway.

So yeah, Gump’s momma was wrong, life is not like a box of chocolates. Cos you never get any bad shit from a box of chocolate, but even a romantic comedy has it’s ups and downs.

20 Replies to “Life is a romantic comedy…”

  1. And why not just admit ManYoo is a complete team now – and who ever Kitkins is since you cooked for Black Joe does it mean you dont hate his guts now

  2. joe black has a girlfriend, joe black has a girlfriend. Is she hot? post a picture nigga we wana see

  3. No I didn’t hit it, even if I had, would I really, *really* post that here where my girlfriend can read about it? Honestly, guys.

    Kitkins, I’m so sorry I can’t control them…

  4. We’ve known each other for years, if you really need to know.

    Anyway, I knew Titi had just learnt to walk, but type? Wow, he’s growing up fast eh?

  5. Rite people it was just “dinner ” an act of charity onmy part of course 🙂 Really nothing too tell !!!!

    Mushaz – Nope wasnt a date like Joey said
    Titi – Nah dont hate his guts he is a prick sometimes though however i will add a lovable prick…
    Tigz Tigz Tigz now is that all you can think about you could have said did u have a stimulating conversation, did you watch a nice flick but Nooo you had to ask if he tapped ma boody Tsk tsk tsk
    Tino- Like Joey says we met a longtimae ago when I was a sweet fun loving teen(naive i must add) and he was a annoying arse but we clicked and i thought he was sweet in a sour sort of way!!!

  6. joe don’t lie, in post 6, you say she’s not your girlfriend, in post 8 you say you wouldn’t post something where your girlfriend would see it, so what is it china, tell the truth. You know you’ll feel better for it. You are among family mate.

  7. Joe i must say congrats on finally having someone cook for you. That was a major event in your life i guess since you even posted it up for us to see.Ohh and i was so happy my team won haven’t smiled in a long time and that win just did it for me… all you Man U haters need to know that we aim to win.

  8. Speaking of the fabulous game of footie, I cant believe not one person in authority has condemened the handball by Toure

  9. Taurai zvenyu masupporter – and Joe Black stop ducking and dodging tell the truth son

  10. Sorry, I had the flu and of course the long holiday….well, have been away for a week.

    So, to answer your questions…she’s not my girlfriend, but someone else is. There.

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