Ode to being white

So in my next life, I need to come back as a white woman.

In my current job, there is a thirteen week waiting list to see a psychologist/psychiatrist (I’m dealing with all the adolescent nutcases of inner London, from crackheads, to potheads, to alcoholics, you name it.)

So this woman calls about an hour before her appointment to cancel it. Her excuse: she’s just taken her cat to the vet, and now she’s too tired. And as she’s seven months pregnant, she doesn’t feel that she should be expected to go out again.

I’m thinking, mate, there are women who deliver their babies in the fields or the rice paddies. Then pull down their skirts, pick up their hoes and get straight back to work, to have more babies, cook more meals and take care of their families.

And not complaining about the alleged “headache”.

4 Replies to “Ode to being white”

  1. You’d rather be a (sorry KR) skinny white woman with no ass than a “full” black woman with all’o’that?

    Disclaimer: Stereotypes are fun!

  2. have u not seen the new look white chick operating the night spots. Before they had the looks but now also have butt & hips as well as moves on the dance floor

  3. Oh yeah, that one I have seen my friend, although I rarely care what colour they are, so long as the ass-ets exist 🙂

    *JB ducks down to avoid flying shrapnel*

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