Setting the record straight…and stuff

Before I go any further, let me respond to any malicious allegations regarding the “mysterious” Kitkins, who caused quite a stir last week.

She did post a response, but I was away and it was kept in moderation cos of certain choice language 🙂 but I’ll post it again here, in full, for all’a’y’all.

    “Rite people it was just ?dinner ? an act of charity onmy part of course Really nothing too tell !!!!

    Mushaz – Nope wasnt a date like Joey said
    Titi – Nah dont hate his guts he is a prick sometimes though however i will add a lovable prick?
    Tigz Tigz Tigz now is that all you can think about you could have said did u have a stimulating conversation, did you watch a nice flick but Nooo you had to ask if he tapped ma boody Tsk tsk tsk
    Tino- Like Joey says we met a longtimae ago when I was a sweet fun loving teen (naive i must add) and he was a annoying arse but we clicked and i thought he was sweet in a sour sort of way!!!”

There you have it folks. Innocent, like I said, so behave yerselves a’ite? Spent the last week chilling at home, cos got hit by the flu on Tuesday and Wednesday, and basically spent the weekend relaxing at home in the company of friends.

Okay, okay I was broke.

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  1. Yeah Trevor u right that was not a suggestion – Kitkins when you go and cook at Joe’s place nxt tme – please go with a vaccum claeaner as well.

  2. let me get this rite,

    as an act of charity, she made you dinner, loves your prick and had stimulating conversation before the alleged tappin of the booty.

    any guesses for what joe black would be doin a “long time ago” with a naive sweey fun loving teen.

  3. Can we talk about other things besides joe’s hygiene. Glad your better Joe but you might still need to get a doctor to check you out.

  4. Uhm, thanks Mercia but it was just the flu, I’m cool. And I don’t need a vacuum cleaner, The Ugly Maid is doing a sterling job 🙂

  5. ..laughs so hard nearly falls off chair.

    I met joe black when I was a sweet naive fun-loving teen. Believe me he can be quite convincing!

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