Life, love and everything else

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Ooh, damn. The long weekend people, and it’s only ‘Saturday’! This one’s been harder than most, to be honest, cos I gots lots of shit goin’ on in every aspect of my life. Everything from job, love, location and across the whole spectrum is in a state of flux. And I’m not loving the upheaval, not a bit.

To make matters worse, this fecking nation has run out of beer. Well, by ‘nation’ I mean I’ve only been to the Scud & Nanny, but y’all know it’s my world. Last I checked, and that was Saturday, there wasn’t any local brew available, and peeps were either bringing their own or had to ante up for Windhoek.

Then they proceeded to run out of Bols, so now I’m working hard on the Viceroy stocks to see how long that lasts. And to make it worse, Supersport is fecking about with the soccer channels so I couldn’t even watch any football.

To top it all off, I miss my baby. Yeah I know, sucks to be me.

But still I’m smiling, like the Good Little Zimbo they expect me to be.

N.B. – This didn’t start off a rant, but just took on a life of its own. C’est la vie.

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  1. Sorry you missed the match but Torres and Kuyt look like a fierce combo. As a unit, Liverpool looked scary good. Gerrard won the game from one of the best free kicks I’ve ever seen, shame that it wasn’t really a foul that lead to the free kick but hey that’s football.

    good luck from a gooner

  2. Shame JB – a month away from your B – Day and it seems the world is crumbling around you! At least work on your love life – maybe that you can try and solve (hehe :D)

  3. Jade – don’t play now, wanna see a brother in chains? I still like my balls thank you, electric shocks ain’t the way to go!

    Alias, talk to me at Christmas, thanks for the heads up but you KNOW Arsenal ain’t shit – give Fibreglass 5 yrs before he can run a team!

    AT – you know how we solve our issues – with alcohol!!!

  4. Fuck Newcastle Musha, Big Sam is just trying to prove he shld have been given the England job lol

  5. So have you set up your own home brewery JB to ease the woes of shortages of intoxicating beverages? Because for sho nhamos need to be drownded (sic)

  6. Law of supply and demand shamwari, if no one can hook you up, you hook yourself up. It would be nice if you could just get an IV line straight from the brewery though, life support and all.

  7. …the beer issue has got me in trouble this last long weekend. I am trying Yeast and Sugar. If I can get sugar…

  8. JB, dont lie. Drinking quit you. There are some situations where relativity does not count.

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