Lustin Timbersnake was right

Worms - infectiousIt’s amazing what a little change can do.

Like, since I got my locks back, albeit baby locks for now, it’s amazing how much play a brother’s getting. The ladies are loving the new look, and I’m starting to wonder – why did I cut my hair in the first place?

This isn’t the first time I’ve made this observation, either. What is it about a guy with locks that makes some women goggle-eyed? Is it the perception that a healthy head of hair means a healthy body? A free spirit? An “artistic” inclination? This has always mystified me, although I must confess I took full advantage in my younger, wilder days.

I’m much older and much, much wiser now.

All together now – “I’ll let you whip me if I misbehaaaaave…”

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  1. Correction: it’s not just ANY old locks. Any fool can get Thomas Mapfumo type locks, the ones that are the totty-magnets are the clean, neat, well maintained ones, that say I am rugged and ready to tumble, but personal hygiene still factors in my life. As fetishes go, that one is up thurr.

  2. KrYpTiQ, you were there? What were you doing in Bristol and how do you know it was me? I was way in the back . Ululated as it was the only thing I could do to lighten things up in there. I was bored and besides, my sister was graduating with a First in Mathematics Man. It had to be done. I could have done a whole lot worse though.

    Joe, if you got your hair cane rowed, THEN you’d be talking. Still prefer the 70’s fro. Or a ‘Warwick from CSI’ fro, imperfect yet perfect.

  3. I hear though that Warwick in real life is a bit of a twat. But god, he is just the beautifullest, with those ‘fine eyes’ as Jane Austen put it.

    More power to the afro!

  4. they state I am dangerous, I make my own path in the world, I do not follow trends (unless it is the trend of having locks). It is something that is against the grain. Women are taught generally to be proper, and so institute getting what could be a “bad boy” to live out their wicked fantasies.

  5. That twig of self-delusion that you are picking out of other people’s eyes…..

  6. Er… “them goggle-eyed ones watch how I attack.” Don’t make a sista take it to the chorus – I had the lead in Frankie & Johnny. Oops, that was about infidelity. Sheesh… my bad.

  7. Babes, there’s nothing to worry about, I ain’t even trying to look at all’a’dem…I know which side my bread is buttered.

    aChic, don’t get me killed up in hurrrr

  8. Ms Joseph, I like you, and I don’t say that lightly. we have never been formally introduced, but I’m E, a former seatwarmer of the Scud and Nanny and frequent groupie of the pool sessions, hence my acquaintance with your dreadlocked sprog.

  9. Hey E, delighted to make your acquaintance. I’m J. All the way, as it happens πŸ™‚ I like you too. (No, Joe, it’s not girl-on-girl lol)

  10. I see your handcuffs, raise you a French maid’s uniform, some battery powered items, and body chocolate.

  11. can they wear white shirts….and we have water and oils involved somewhere…skimpy outfits a must

    It’s the law……somewhere

  12. wrrreeeooooooowwwww!!) – in the left corner….;) now now ladies… deep breaths… JJ, we went over this….. refrain dude..refrain… legal bills are killin us πŸ™

  13. Ain’t nothin to fight here… when it’s done raining on the lady’s forest, I’m sure we can be civil. Can’t we, madam?

  14. hey Jo we love the lox because they make you seem crazy, like you smoke weed and listen to ragga music and stuff!!

  15. Ms Joseph like where you are going with the while raining in the ladies in wetness..bush

    If Joe gets this much love for locks, I am getting mine done too..give me about four to six months. then watch out ladies. Of course with my luck it will be out of fashion coz everyone is doing it.

    Zandile what makes you think that he doesn’t do all that

  16. Uhm, I don’t think that’s what she meant, Strandza.

    Locks will never go out of fashion, it’s the one hairstylie which has stood the test of time and stays strong. Buyakasha.

    Me nah smoke no weed man, junior dred is all, it’s a fashan ting, aight.

  17. Bob Marley and weed is a better combo, than weed and ragga. I wonder if I pitched that idea to Chicken Inn if they would bite ‘I’ll have the 2 piecer with a Marley special to go please, no seeds please’

  18. Honestly Strandza! All literary reference is obviously lost on you.

    Wasn’t going there really, but now that you mentioned… Sounds like you’re still a bushman lol. It’s a whole new world dude… all paved and stuff.

  19. lol, yup, pamberi ne the paving.., coz huswa hunondiitisa itch, plus hayfever is a B*atch… lol…. although, crazy pavin… now there’s an idea.

  20. re: 40 days Day 12, famous last words:

    53. Joe Black | June 10th, 2007 at 18:22 pm
    Tri-Nations I can do without babes, Besides that, the tri-nations is nothing this yearÒ€¦I donÒ€ℒt really care.

    Even with a bold dash of irony…..

  21. mmm…strandza, methinks drawing parallels between women and elephants, whatever the context, is leading one’s self down the kind of emotion filled road from which few return. u’re running through a minefield there mate..

  22. munhu anenge achiziva pe akazembera. you don’t make statements like that without knowing the lay of the land so to speak

  23. Thank you for bringing that to every womans attantion KrYpTiQ, I bet they really notice it now, why don’t you just pull the trigger.

  24. Chicque, re 45 – his pussycat. Come on now, we all know Dick Whittington couldn’t stand the heat πŸ˜‰

    re 51 – Strandza can’t see the danger for the bush obstructing his view lol.

    Gala, so someone knows who you are, big deal. Doesn’t make a difference to the rest of us. Let it go.

    Go JB! Go JB! He’s gonna watch Tri-Nations all sober!

    re 54 – POP! Frankie’s still got her gun πŸ™‚

  25. Isn’t it Janey’s got a gun?? or is it quote from some literary work I am disparagingly unaware of.
    ref 45

  26. No, Frankie. From Frankie & Johnny. It’s an old American song. I think they made a film of it with Elvis, not sure if there ever was a book. You’re thinking of Aerosmith.

  27. I feel for ya Joe. How is the abstinence thing going? And I aint taking the pis either. Just wonderinghow you have been coping.

  28. With no hint of irony and or sarcasm: sorry that you didn’t make it, will you continue to day 40 then?

  29. Oh yeah I’ll continue, I did state from the beginning that a slip was possible, even inevitable in a way.

    Still soldiering on with the 40 days though πŸ™‚

  30. Ende shuwa taura hako mwana wa amai, kuti kusiririsa ikwokwo, chero ana ghetto fabbolous vangaite zvirinani. Wotomiramira hama yangu ubatsire bhudi vako. (incidentally the most Shona I have ‘spoken’ in months.)

  31. Oh shoot, if I had seen TIGZ before, I would have sponsored you for a weekend’s drinking at the pub after your 40days 40 nights. Better luck next time Black.

  32. just saw this one

    1. If you had purchased $1000 000 worth of Time Bank stock a year ago, it would be worth $49 now.
    With ENG you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1 000 000.
    2. With Kondozi you would have $5 left.
    3. But if you had purchased $1 000 000 worth of beer a year ago; drank all the beer and kept the empties, turn them in now, you would have had $140 000 000.

    Based on the above, current investment advice is to drink heavily and keep the empties. Its called the 401-keg plan.

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