Makandiwa Instant Weight Loss (video)

Yes, you doubting tomatoes, United Family International Ministries appears to have a YouTube account.

They’ve posted a video purporting to show instant weight loss.

The video shows instant weight loss as Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministers to hundreds of individuals. This is showing the miracle working power of God through his servant Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Judge for yourself. You’ll have to go through maybe 4 minutes of BS to get to the goods, so be patient.

City Sports Center is about to become the biggest (pun! pun!) tourist attraction in Zimbabwe.


8 Replies to “Makandiwa Instant Weight Loss (video)”

  1. “He loves it when she calls him Big Poppa!
    Throw your hands in the air,
    If you see a false prophet.

    Coz I see some ladies in there,
    Who aint losing no we-ight, we-ight!”

  2. Bur for realz, is this why this man is famous? for miracle money, gold dust from thin air?… oh and now we have instant weight loss.

    Just you wait, they are going to have to reinforce that building when all the large ladies that are too damn lazy to join the gym catch wind of this.

    This says a lot about where we are headed as a species, God help us all.

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