The Fearless Feminist

She’s fierce. She’s fine. She’s the Fearless Feminist.

She went absolutely ape-shit when Tino Katsande caught a wicked beating at the hands of her boyfriend.

She seethed with fury when that Indian lady was gang-raped on a bus. She might even have attended a solidarity function, with ambassadors and MPs and speeches and drinks.

She rails against domestic violence, she is the protector of women everywhere, and she fights for what is right.

Until Oscar Pistorious, a man with a history of violence and a track record of alcohol abuse, shoots his girlfriend four times.

She pauses, she prevaricates, she excuses, she confuses, she wonders, she worries (for him) and basically makes herself look like the opportunistic struggle-addict she really is.

She is woman, hear her … whimper.

She’s a hypocrite.

17 Replies to “The Fearless Feminist”

  1. The world is upside down man! Not being judgemental though, women are their own worst enemy more time. This story has no legs to stand on, just like its owner!

  2. Joe black – we the women are still disgusted, upset but reserving judgement until we get the facts

  3. Exactly my point. In the cases cited, and many more, you the women never let something as trivial as “facts” get in the way of a good condemnation, or, indeed, a get-together.

  4. the quintessential feminist shit-test is this:

    FemChick: “If you’re in a complex and you here a woman being beaten by her husband/boyfriend what would you do?”

    Me: “Help her by whatever means I could – IF she asked for it.”

    FemChick: “What!? She is being abused! As a man you should go there and protect her … blah … blah … blah…”

    Me: *Zoning out while gazing into her tits* “Okay.”

    i’ve had many variants of this conversation plenty plenty times … fuck facts, A WOMAN IS BEING ABUSED!

    but, let it be a white boy, let it be a famous good-looking white boy, add some cash and sport celebrity to the mix – and the whole feminist establishment is stunned into frigid silence.
    Lets have some consistency femchicks! 😀

  5. its all a steaming pile of horse shyte.

    typical female fuzzy logic, the rules / morality of any situation will always be highly flexible depending on the desired outcome.

    until we get the facts she says…. nxa!.

  6. If Tokyo Sexwale had done the same to Judy (you know he only married in community of property cause his ass was broke back then), do you think the feminists would be burning bras or effigies?

  7. my my, this is heating up something fierce!

    ole’ Oscar’s story has more holes in it than a sieve.

  8. Oscar’s sieve has holes innit! 😀

    bloody awesome defence lawyers though – Johnny Cochrane, Kemp J Kemp all over again – ‘cept this time we have a crippled dude instead of a crazy nigga with jungle fucking fever and a horny buffoon. respectively.

    Only the lawyers come out winning from this shit.

  9. feminists like all people are not factory produced like mint coins – they dont look or think exactly the same. many many women are revolted by Pistorius and by the way men with power, money and influence run their “private” lives. what is not right is not right -i find your assessment very generalised and …..

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