Monday morning love letters

Dear Luke Watson – good first half bwoy, keep your head up. I know you were nervy on debut, don’t worry about that shitty second half you had, they’ll give you another game. You carried it up well and showed great handling in the first – you still the man.

Dear Barcelona – okay, seriously now? Gents, it’s all well and good to suck in the Champs’ League, but to play surrender monkey in the domestic league you were ruling not too long ago? Now it’s out of your hands, I hope you’re happy. Like, who buys Gudjohnsen?

Dear Lionel Messi – like, OMG WTF LOL.

Dear San Antonio Spurs – guys, please let LeBron score a few points; in fact, give the boy just one win before you wrap up the NBA finals series. Only one, of course, don’t do a Barca.

Dear Judge Michael Sauer – you are the new Captain Kirk. You rock. Go to Vegas on me. Paint the town red. I’ll pick up the tab. I swear I’ll pay. I swear it.

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  1. I second the motion on Sauer. did you hear that her ‘medical condition’ was a particulary nasty STD? You’ve got to love it.

  2. Also shout outs to Nadal and Hamilton for some fine performances this weekend.

  3. Yah Hamiliton – that was special. STD hahaha now thats a hottie – but yah Sauer had all the right words.

  4. So Calderon is eating humble pie in the press and asking Becks to stay, is this for real or just Italian grandstanding and posturing?

  5. Well with the way he has been playin its not a shocker….. but dnt think it will work Posh Spice is dreaming of a hollywood career now

  6. Hey, I heard that Rock-Hard-Plastic-Boobs Spice got a reality show in LA, is that true?

    Please please MNet, don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t buy that show, oh please don’t.

  7. You know that its going to be one of many, there will be at least one fly-on-the-wall type around Beckingham Palace OC style, then there will be a chat show at least, and her being a fashion guru and renovating fat american fraus. And you can imagine all the TV interviews when she hits the other side of the Atlantic. she has unfortunately hit America’s weirdbone and seems to epitomise many of the things they wish they could be, famous for being famous.

  8. here’s a bucket for the sarcasm dripping from THAT statement. Her ‘solo’ career was the pits, couldn’t stand on her own without the other four, including the ginga one. Might have something to do with those crippling shoes she insists on wearing. And her bunions all out on display.

  9. Nadal = King. aefro chicque is acting like she didn’t dance along to the Spice Girls way back in the day.

  10. If there was a song that I hated, that Wannabe song. It epitomised everything I thought was wrong about the whole British pop scene. Never once did I buy the Spice Girls tape, or dub it off the radio from Kudzi Marudza’s shows (coz PJ would never play it unless it was on Hitsville). God I am old. for the record, does anybody remember Kudz Marudz’s ‘Don’t be brown, by Bobby Cruel’ or ‘Snoopy doggy doggy’ or ‘No dignity, no doubt’. I loved him.

    And who can forget the likes of the Hitman, Hosea Singende and his love anthems?

  11. Joe Hussein on a Sunday morning, with those smooth jazz sounds.

    I don’t know anyone who loved Anita Baker more than The King.

  12. Dalton Mambo on a Saturday morning, cleaning the house became so much easier accompanied to him.

  13. Tony D with the Dairibord Top 20 on Sat – remember that advert – his big on the stick he doesnt drip if you see him GRAB HIM!

    Good old Mr Big Bear

  14. PJ with his love classics on Monday ‘this aint the time to get frantic, now is the time to get romantic’

    I could do me with some of that non-drip big stick right about now. A bit o’ that lollipop that fiddee was on about.

  15. Such aspersions. I will have you for defamation. My character is impeccable and unimpeachable. My people will be getting in touch with your people. (echoes of ‘methinks the lady doth protest too much’)

  16. Picked up the best of Freddie Jackson for R33…….gentlemen, that cd was meant for romancing and nothing else! Watch this space

  17. Was never a fan of radio myself. Always reminds me of having nothing better to do. Closest i got was Coke on the Beat. Specifically getting all worked up over Ginuwine. Cant think why now. A tad slimey for my liking. Too little subtlety for my liking.

  18. ooh, that lewis hamilton is doin it big isnt he? tempted to spend my life savings (and maybe part exchange my spleen) on a ticket to go and see him zoom past me 36 times at silverstone next month.

    and lionel messi.. the kid is definately modelling himself on good ol’ Diego. first the jinking, mazy, wavy, bendy run, now the hand of God. The crack dealers in Barca must be licking their lips. as must bosses @ the local pie shop…..

    oh, as for the radio.. J.A.R.Z.E.N, kune mitengo yakaderera!!!!

    @ aefro. – (ref: last topic). i luv u too.. lol no i aint dyslexic. tsenoh (see wat i did there? ). 😉 lol.

  19. p.s aefro. how do u pronounce ur name. is it (af-roh sheek), or the more exotic sounding (ay-fro chic-kay), or even the more outlandish (ee-fro ) as in heathrow in chav… ?

  20. KrYpTiQ, you and I could definitely be friends.

    Anyway, my proper name, the one on my ‘beth’ starts with an ‘E’, so ae is the Greek E, so the proper reading of my moniker is Eefro Sheek, but most people will resort to Affro Sheek.

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