Oh snap!

I’m sorry for the glut of cartoons lately, but I couldn’t help putting this one up.

To be honest, as a joke on the whole Zuma trial, a social commentary on female abuse in Azania and a sly dig at all the sycophants who think JZ is a god, I couldn’t have drawn this better myself!

For those who follow the goings-on down south, you’ll notice that the same chaps who always mouth off in Zuma’s defence (kill for Zuma, strike if he goes to court, etc etc ad infinitum) are the ones who are whining about this cartoon.

These same okes who call the Constitutional Court a “kangaroo court” and call the judges racist are now labelling Jonathan Shapiro a “racist” for publishing this cartoon.

Chickens, home, roost anyone? Eh? Oh.

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  1. Shapiro is no stranger to the doghouse, lol. But that cartoon was PERFECT! I love how Shapiro always draws JZ with that showerhead, killah!

  2. Central bank Governor Gideon Gono said 1 000 retailers and 200 wholesalers will be allowed to sell in foreign money, while motorists could also buy fuel in foreign currency.

  3. Yah saw it on Fin24 its official he has finally agreed there was no economy in Zim.. I hope the army demands salaries in USD… hmmm

  4. And JB the forex that will be used to buy from the retailers is coming from us the dudes who “ran away with our tail between our legs”…. saka ita steady.. LOL

  5. Going back to the original post, what riles me about the Zuma thing is how they have the temerity to complain about this cartoon but in the same breath will issue death threats for anyone who ‘stands in Zuma’s way to the presidency’. Repeatedly. Malema was at it again earlier. These are the same people who are disbanding the Scorpions. Does no one do irony in the ANC?

  6. *SIGH* Minnie, Babe, you and I both know that the word ‘official’ is currently unambiguous in Zimbabwe. It is a relative term. Depends on who’s talking. You are safer assuming that anything said to be ‘official’ is actually ‘unofficial’.

  7. This the same Gideon Gono whose efforts to rescue and improve the economy of Zimbabwe have failed spectacularly? The same Gideon Gono who has traded foreign currency on the black market, an activity he vowed to crush when he became governor of the bank? The same GG who printed money against the advice of economists, possibly devaluing the Zimbabwean dollar and increasing inflation? The same Gono who demonetized old bank notes on August 1, 2006 and introduced a new currency, only to authorize a 200 thousand dollar denomination just a year later on marking the start of a series of new denominations issued in RAPID succession? The same Gono who, despite sending police to arrest businessmen for failing to reduce their prices and even he personally visited shop owners in Harare to demand they lower prices is accountable for the inflation in Zimbabwe remaining the world’s highest? The same Gono who usually ends policy statements to the Parliament of Zimbabwe with: “In the Lord’s hands, I commit this Monetary Policy Framework for our economic turnaround”?

    No JB, I didn’t know that Gono’s word is holy sacrosant law in this damn “republic”. BUT, I do now. 🙂 As for that last quote, the hell kind of cop out is that, and that is just damn scary. It is just the kind of thing that ensures I will always be an atheist. Also the reason why religion has no business in politics.

  8. Play nice kids. As for your GG rant, trust me girl, you haven’t said anything we don’t hear on a daily basis.

    But still some people think he’s Moses. Only problem is that his burning bush is located at Sta.. *snip*

  9. Yes One Anonymous was Buffdaddy in disguise – stop IP prying. It was a slip of the finger.

    Anyway there is something amusing on Haibo.com about the Zuma thing.

    As fog Giddy Gn – the end is nigh. How confused is that shit that he rambled on about. I just want to ask peeps whether they are Foliwars, Felocs or Felopads? Watch the rates fly higher. Who wants Zim dollars if the USD stores have product.

    Zim is waiting for it’s own 9/11 – the signing of the deal.

  10. Gono is a headless chicken now, the “Miracle Mike” of Zimbabwean economics.

    Hmmmm, I’m not so sure MT will sign a bum deal. If there’s major concessions by the old man, maybe.

    Also, haibo.com is some Chinese thing, dude.

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