Something’s fishy at The Herald

So there’s a woman on trial in the Harare magistrate’s courts. For what, I dunno, but apparently she flew from Murehwa in a basket to kill her son-in-law. Whatever. Anyway, yesterday she started hissing when some Zinatha guy was giving “expert” testimony.

We assume the senior tradional healer’s words didn’t go down well with the alleged witch, and she began hissing like a snake and yelling in the courtroom.

She immediately collapsed and lay prostrate on the floor for several minutes before a relative revived her by placing salt into her palms.

By the time Sveto regained consciousness some 10 minutes later, the courtroom was full to the bream, more people having poured in from adjoining courtrooms.

The courtroom was full to the bream. Really? This is why The Herald is such a good read. Not because it is the arbirter of truth and a fearless defender of our revolutionary class.

It’s because the standard of Engrish is so high.

Viva state newspaper, viva!

8 Replies to “Something’s fishy at The Herald”

  1. Witch…in the dark…naked…nice curves… firm jugs…flat tummy…perfect crime….bienvenue!!!

  2. He was just continuing the water analogy you sea (sic), with people POURING into the courtroom, filling it to the bream. Makes perfect sense. And since also English is a phonetic language, you spell it how you pronounce it, and we all know brim does not have a short ‘i’ sound.

  3. Ko nhai Alson, what you got on your mind? LOL.

    Elle, there’s just no excuse for this sort of shoddy editing. I checked the print version, it’s actually the same.


  4. AM – please explain your randy self…

    Or just replace all those words in your post with the visual equivalent 🙂

  5. It is just an era. Poeple maek mustooks. 🙂

    What?! You ain’t never heard of buttnaked varoi falling from the sky having inadvertently flown over a n’anga’s cribs? If that ain’t what Alson is on about, I got nothing!

  6. @T – “nice curves… firm jugs…flat tummy” is more Mzansi’s Finest than “Charmed”. 🙂

    On another tip; anyone remember that the “Welcome to Karoi” sign had a witch on a broomstick pic!

  7. Alson was talking about where the “witch” was found. In someone’s toilet, butt naked. Don’t he’d have turned her in …

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