Oh, you bladdy Poms

So the English newspapers were shitting all over South African cricketer Abraham de Villiers the whole of last week. The bugger took a catch in the first Test which turned out to have bounced. Yeah, okay.

So AB de Villiers walks out to bat in this second Test, and all the massive English support can think of is to boo the boy. Now, we all know cricket has a certain reputation regarding ettiquete, and this unseemly display from the Pommy crowd was … well, unseemly.

So what did AB de Villiers do? He bashed them for 174 runs.

Nice way to ruin a good Sunday, you bladdy Poms. Next time leave the bugger alone. You’ve learnt nothing from the Stephen Fleming years, I see.

Gosh, if SA win this Supersport will be insufferable.

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  1. the hypocrisy of the english. anyone remember the Elliot v Sidebottom incident in the recent NZ v Eng ODI? Sportsmanship, my foot!

    Don’t worry JB, there is still Edgbaston and the Oval to worry about. The English could still turn this around. There is everything to play for (shrieking raucous laughter echoes in the background)

  2. You reckon? I’m not particularly impressed with this English lot, I’ll tell you that. Mind you, RSA aren’t lighting any fires here either, but I’ve always been a hater.

  3. Hey, that whole Tigz thing was just a misunderstanding. I was pissing about on Facebook (as you do) and came across someone with the surname Tigere. And having forgotten that ‘Tigere’ is his first name, and not his surname, I put two and two and got five. I thought, for a second there, he was married to Wadzanai Tigere. To me, that is an unlikely couple. I would have deleted the enquiry, had I had the resources to do so. But, turns out a touch is a move on this blog. No taking anything back.

  4. Touch is a move! God, I haven’t heard that in ages. I used to hate my brothers for that!

    So seems the de Villiers has struck again, this time the wicket of Bell, and it was kosher. Who’s zooming who now?

  5. Speaking of Saskos, I have a question, irreverent or otherwise. The last few weeks have seen a lot of events to commemorate Nelson’s 90th. Now Nelson is cool and all, but how much of his popularity is down to the western media agenda/propaganda. Coz we know how they love their tokens who can read from the script. So if the media hadn’t decreed it to be so, would his star have risen so high?

  6. No no no, mina I can’t handle it when South Africa do well at anything. They crow so long and loud, it’s disgusting. Of course, they’re not as bad as the English … but we have to live with Supersport, not Sky or whatever!

  7. Whatever happened to supporting those closest to you? I mean, surely it is through SA that you will come close to being in such a league right? When confronted with the choice between an African nation and a non African, you go with the African right. If some Caribbean versus china or something like that you go with the Caribbean. When Japan versus Germany, you go with the ethnics right? You go with the one you most identify with. And race issues trumps geography and or logic right! Not even gaining citizenship in the diaspora can change that, except when you talking 100 metres relay. Forget Nigeria or Jamaica, my British status always manages to kick in. Nick Price still golfing? Been looking out for him in the golf tournament.

  8. Tara, where the hell have you been?

    Why should I support South Africa? Has South Africa ever supported me? Have you been in a hole the past three months?

    Ever heard the word ‘xenophobia’? Have you ever walked down a South African street? Ever tried applying for a South African visa?

    And do you REALLY think South Africans see themselves on a par with the rest of Africa?

  9. I thought, in sport, all animosity is swept beneath the carpet, if only for a few days.

  10. Okay. But when it comes to African solidarity, I can’t support Azania. Or any of the ‘Arabic’ nations.

    They think they’re something ‘more’ than African…

  11. Tara, you aren’t Gala by a different name are you? Coz you exhibit a lot of the same characteristics.

    Ditto JB on the North African states, vanosema the rest of Africa like we were pieces of human fecal matter.

  12. but zimbos are some arrogant ass africans too. think that we are the smartest africans. zimbos have a history of lookin down on moscans, malawians etc for years. look down on other african who cant speak ‘proper’ english. i also recall back in the day Zimbos constantly insulting the Angolans in the avenues

    so who are we too accuse others of discrimination.

    you are spot on Elle. Tara was Gala just like Eleanor was AfroChique

  13. Tara, I am not sure if you have looked at any of the South African national teams composition, the ones that do well on the sporting front: rugby, predominantly white; cricket, predominantly white; famous tennis players, white; Olympic swimming team, white. The only team with a majority of darkies is Bafana Bafana and look at where they are. So when you say that race is the determining factor, how do you figure that we should support South Africa

    And anonymous, that is A.E.F.R.O.C.H.I.C.Q.U.E

  14. True, we Zimbos do have a knack/history of turning up our noses at others and their accents, mannerisms and behaviour.

    But I don’t ever recall any xeno stereotypical jibes turning into anything concrete. In fact, it seemed in good jest, and I must say I loved my share of Tswanas when I was in Bulawayo!

    But we’ve never actually discriminated, so I disagree, anonymous whoever-you-are.

  15. absence of violence does not necessarily mean absence of discrimination

    prior to the recent xenophobic attacks in SA, there were few reports of violence specificaly tagreted at immigrants. but Zim immigrants/students in SA have always been aware of the discrimination. Just like Anolan/Mozambican/Malwian immigrants in Zim were also well aware of discrimantion by Zimbos (esp in the 80s/90s)

    so we’ve never actually gone on a violent spree against immigrants, but we have discriminated. and we definnitely looked down on other Africans

    and Elle, that is Anonymous (with a capital A) 🙂

  16. Hmmm. Well, I personally am not aware of any cases of discrimination against foreigners, although I have been known to occasionaly use derogatory terms for them (e.g. brandhaya, mosken).

    I think in every nation, foreigners are treated with a certain level of disdain, which is obvious and unavoidable. What counts is the level to which this goes, that’s what makes it stand out.

    I don’t think we’ve treated our guests any differently than any nation has treated theirs …? And please don’t mention the whole disenranchisement of offspring issue / dual-citizenship debacle of the early 2000s.

    I’m saying in South Africa (and in my experience Botswana) it’s rather more pronounced.

  17. Anonymous, saka ndiro zita riri pa bheth rako here? Because mabhoyi, ana Talkmore nana Constitutionalreferendum tinokuzivayi.

    If you want discrimination, you need to come to this country. It’s so deep seated and institutionalised that they dont even realise it. They can refuse you housing just for being foreign.

  18. It may be more pronounced in those countries, but maybe thats also becoz it appears more pronounced when you are the immigrant in a foreign country.

    Maybe as a handful of (tolerant?)locals we may not be best placed to understand how African immigrants in Zim have been treated by the wider Zimbabwean community

    I’d like hear the experience of someone who has been an immigrant in several african countries (incl Zim) during periods of high immigration in those countries. They would be able to give a better indication of how we rank (in terms of discrimination) against other countries.

  19. Where’s Minnie Mouse when we need her? Andy Tee, talk to us. Squire, where you at? Tell us your stories.

    As I mentioned before, Botswana is my example. The xenophobia was so pronounced, to the extent that vendors would refuse to speak to you in English and instead respond only in their own language … at the expence of making the sale!

    That’s just stupid.

  20. no english here either, but will not call it discrimation, in fact i’ve been reminded a few times of how we used to treat our “hosts”

  21. Hey listen, when I mentioned you in the same breath with Andy Tee and Squire, I was talking about Zimbos travelling in Africa, and asking for your input?

    Geez, why always jump on the negative? Anyway, can’t wait for you to come home 🙂

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