Take me to the river. And watch me drink

One of Trevor’s friends threw a party on Saturday night. Now’s it’s been a while since I been to the JV, so I was keen to see what it’s like nowadays. And I was thirsty. Okay, bored to death.

So this chick got Robbie Tee and Dean to play the beats, cos the crowd was gonna be a bit on the mature side of things: which it was. And these guys were gonna do their usual old school & 90s thing, with a few commercial hits thrown in: which they did. And the people would love it, as they do all their other gigs: you get the drift.

Here’s what made this gig very different – the booze was free. Yes, in a Harare gig, there were free drinks all night. And man, did the Africans partake. Well, we did at least, until they ran out of Zambezi. Which also begs the question: why thell does every party, club, pub and sports bar always, always, run out of Zambezi first?

Anyway. A good time was had by all. And of course I fell in love. As usual. Who with, you ask? That’s an entirely different post.

13 Replies to “Take me to the river. And watch me drink”

  1. Woke up on sunday morning & couldnt remember a few odds & ends of the night. But we rocked, rumours makuwa that was a good outing

  2. sports, parties. there’s nothing else, is there? unless you want me to take girls, walk hand in hand thru the park, that sort of thing?

  3. you fell in love……that’s the part I don’t remember but then again I did not have supper……..

  4. are those real, haunyare? is she black, cos if she is they sure is real us sistas got it goin on

  5. LISALISA i like the way you think….but I assure you that’s not what Joes was referring to!

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