Sam Nujoma, get yer blinkers off

The founding president of Namibia has been spouting off at a SWAPO star rally, and there’s a few gems in there.

“The white imperialists should be careful not to topple Cde President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, because if you touch Zimbabwe, then you touch Namibia and the whole Southern African Development Community.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, comrade, but there are no imperialists trying to topple anybody. I assure you the only people doing any toppling are purely local. All the imperialists are doing is refusing to have anything to do with him, and some of his associates. In fact, I’m not sure any toppling is needed anymore, and the topplers appear to be waiting for nature to take its course.

“It is because of the Western powers and those colonialists that oppositions are formed in our countries in the African continent and elsewhere in the world,” he said.

No, Comrade Sam, no it’s not because of the western powers that oppositions are formed, it’s because of revolutionary parties that immerse themselves in largesse and finery whilst ignoring the welfare of the people they ostensibly “liberated”.

Opposition is never opposition to good things, oppositions are formed in our countries when those in power are not catering to their populations – if our countries on the African continent and elsewhere in the world acted in the best interests of their citizens, all their citizens, there would be no thriving opposition.

Just saying. How’s retirement, by the way? Comfy I’d imagine.

8 Replies to “Sam Nujoma, get yer blinkers off”

  1. The word opposition is stationed permamently in the communist heads as an enemy. Never mind that the opposition is simply those with opposing views but in African politics everyone must agree. this utopian view of the world is why comrade Sam and his irk are failures and have dragged the rest of the african nations as failures.

    As for imperialism and colonisation, the mistake we make and especially those with nationalistic paranoia is to believe that only the western world harbours notion of imperialism and colonising. the truth is, Zimbabwe is currently under an imperialist leader and colonised by a coterie of zanu pf junta. But of-course the majority of black people would rather be in slavery under a black leader than liberated.

  2. But we’re Africans, we loik the Chinese. It’s only when Westerns ask us about our human rights record we have issues.

    The problem is these guys can’t imagine how an ungrateful lot can rebel against their liberators.

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