So I’m tired of waiting, isn’t?

So the cops searched all of Harare for a body, and they couldn’t find a single hit-and-run victim to pin on me.

So the cops wasted all this time and it’s too late to investigate what ACTUALLY happened to my fecking car, whether someone fecked it up deliberately or it was parked at the scene of a brawl.

So I have a gleaming new windscreen fitted, and I’ve ordered a new side mirror from RSA, together with beautiful new headlamps. Sans bulbs, but that’s in the works, I have my eye on a set of lovely white brights!

So I try to get 3D Motors in Msasa to fit the new parts, but they take a week to give me a quote, and when I call they say no, bring it in and the guys will figure out how much to charge you. Yeah.

So I’m sure The Mouse is getting tired of chaufrering my black ass around, and the Holiday is a coupla days away, and I really miss my girl, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

So I’ve googled and googled and I’m doing my little DIY project tonight, and hopefully my car will be inspected and back on the road tomorrow.

So I’m pretty apprehensive, but I have print-outs, a cookie-baking girlfriend and a sense of purpose, so I am Doing. This. Shit.

So watch this space.

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  1. Success! The side mirror was the easiest to replace, but it still took an 8MM socket to remove the screws, and without a rachet and extender I had to use a flat screwdriver with a large head to turn the socket. Niiice.

    The headlights. Hmmm. Painful, considering one of my bulbs is dodgy. I think it may be the wires, which are tricky, and getting the lamps out was pretty fucking tight. Loads of wriggling.

    But I won. A little initiative can go a long way. Autoworld just quoted me $120 worth of labour to get it done. LOL. I did it.


  2. Buffdaddy, I was sighing because I find the thought of the Tories in power very scary and repulsive. I know Blair fucked some shit up, but he also did a lot of positive stuff too. Do you really think the Tories are better? See, this is what really grates on me. People get pissed off at the current regime and are quick to switch, willy nilly, to the alternative, regardless of their track record (Thatcher: HELLO!). It’s like getting pissed of at God and deciding to go with Lucipher* instead. The Tories are the equivalent of the US Republicans. They are a toned down BNP. What they care about most if the English way of life, specifically, that of Middle class and above. They do not care about the working class, asylum seekers, etc. They wanna go hunting, close the UK borders, get rich, and sod everyone else. Labour ain’t perfect, I know that. But the Tories are just plain evil. If there was a way of giving the Lib Dems a go, I’d give them a go. But until then, the aim is to prevent the Tories taking power. And the only way available right now is to keep Labour in.

    *I don’t know about anyone else, but ‘Lucipher’ has always sounded like a pretty name.

    PS: My descriptions of the Tories a mainly figurative. They are just not nice people. Labour people are a heck of a lot nicer.

  3. they are all politicians it dont matter whether ist tories or labour in power. the ruling party will do all it can get away with to stay in power. the opposition will say all they think you want to hear to get in power..and every now and again the voters will be so eager for change they will vote anyone to replace one who has had power for too long (how else can you explain Boris fucking johnson as the mayor of london). so its the end of the road for labour. see what difference tories will make. politics aint nothing but a popularity contest. You can get into power without doin shit…just ask Obama.

  4. I know, wanted to make sure B-Daddy didn’t miss it. Am that passionate about the matter. Also a pain in the ass switching between posts. Sorry for hijacking your post. Well done on the ride front though! Sounds really…uhm…nice. 🙂

  5. Awww poor thing, wasn’t chiding you, was just LOLing. Anyway, I don’t know much about UK politics, except they’re all puppies of whatever current US administration.

    Pathetic. Also turning into quite a police state.

  6. Jesus Anon, you really would take your chances with the Tories? C’mon! You really wanna risk everything for ‘just in case the Tories turnout to be better.’ Give me a break. Again, going for Satan on the off chance he is better than than the man up stairs. PURRLEASE! Remember Tony ain’t no longer on point in the party. We have a (not so) new boy in town. I wonder, what do you imagine the world would be like with the Tories? Do people ever ask themselves that before jumping head first into the pit that is the unknown but hopefully positively different? Ever taken the time to ask ‘what is the worst each side is capable of’ and considered which would be worse?

  7. so print outs plus initiative = multi-talented JB. well done. you deserve a…. let’s see, a cookie from your cookie-baking girlfriend?

  8. Thanks baby, but isn’t I stuffed my face soon as I was done? Massive sugar rush …

    Actually, I’m nothing but a Google-bitch!

  9. I need a cookie-baking-girlfriend…

    Well done senor, the interweb and a DIY attitude prevail over getting ripped off the ole fashioned way!

    Still I’m kind of disappointed the gate community wasn’t able to start a viral free Joe Black campaign after you were to be wrongfully convicted of murder.

    maybe next time

  10. Like Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government – if it wasnt for the other forms.

    I dont know British politics from Scandanavian politics but one thing for certain is that government and the party system will always screw the people. These institutions exist only to serve the individuals occupying those positions with revenue squeezed from the the country. Two moneyspinners are always guaranteed in any system of government – brilliant new taxes for anything and everything and war.

    As Anon implied, the objective of any political party is to be in power – and that power is an end in itself.
    The Tory – Labour, Democrat – Republican, Communism – capitalism, Feudal – Republic etc chess game has been going on and will always exist. Political systems will always switch from one to the other as the strengths of one system evolve into its weakness and the opposite system replaces it.
    Power changes hands between two elites whose only purpose is feeding off the revenue of the nation, and the people, being fed off, are screwed either way.

    Tory or Labour – all they want is to tax you dry.

  11. Democracy may be imperfect, but it’s better than “African” democracy.

    The theory of a benevolent dictatorship has never really caught on here. Although benevolent dictatorship is in itself an oxymoron, as dictatorship is ultimately ego-driven, and ego + benevolence = it can’t.

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