We don’t want your money

To hear all these people whining and whining about money, you’d think The West (sometime Evil Colonialists, occasional Benevolent Benefactors, today Vindictive Bastards) was obliged to bankroll the gov’t of Zimbabwe.

I hear Uncle Bob, Jacob Zuma and, lately, Morgan Tsvangirai moaning that Western governments should release moneys to Zim now that an inclusive government is in place. Look at us, we combined – feed us, clothe us, tar our roads, import our power, pump our water, wipe our arses and pad our off-shore bank accounts.

Yeah, that’s happening.

I reckon you’d be hard pressed to find an ordinary Zimbo who thinks anyone should bankroll us, or even lift “illegal” sanctions on the world’s Most Sovereign Nation. Look, we’re not fools here. We know what this is.

Your government may be inclusive, but it’s not representative.

Nobody would keep lending a drunken fool money after he kept wasting it on whores and trinkets, time and again, with no clear indication of a shift in behaviour. It just doesn’t make sense. And anyone who expects such behaviour has been sucking on one many Mercedes exhaust pipes.

For me, it’s not a change in cabinet letter-heads, but a change in mentality across the political spectrum that we need. From the top down, we need accountability, genuine respect for the rule of law and recognition of the People as the true employers of those in political power.

Until then, Zimbabwe will continue to be a land of Tembas and Hitlers, and the Schoris and Tibaijukas of this world will never be welcome.

Until then, nobody’s gonna lend us a dime, especially with our Tried and Trusted leaders still standing there, fists clenched and smiles fixed, claiming to have changed just because they have new friends. No.

Keep your money, O Great Western Powers, cos we ordinary people will never see it. Save it for the NGOs, for civic society; save it to assist those trying to effect Real Change in the country, without being swallowed by the great crocodile.

Save it for the remaining independent media establishments and their brave journalists, shining a light on shady proceedings and continuing misbehaviour by those who claim to be safeguarding our legacy.

Save it for the human rights lawyers operating under threat of arrest and prosecution for simply defending those deemed Untouchable by our resident political dinosaurs.

Save it for those brutalised and dispossessed of their properties and belongings, the farm-workers dehumanised for protecting their way of life, the children thrown off their only potential source of shelter, schooling and employment in an economy sacrificed at the altar of one man’s ego.

We don’t want your money until we know where it’s going, who’s handling it and what it’s being used for.

Until then, you’re just pissing in the wind.

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  1. You should right a letter to Gordon and Barack! Mind, I wonder where they are at on this. Any news on whether they are falling for it? Or are they still weary? Is Zimbabwe even on the agenda of anyone who matters?

    Am logging onto Guardian and BBC news websites now to check it out.

  2. G20 just ended;

    US$2 trillion shall be injected into the developed economies and another couple trills to beef up the Bretton Woods twins; all this to plug holes left by shady hedge dealings and somesuch tomfoolery.
    Exactly US$400 million has been pledged as global crisis aid to the WHOLE THIRD WORLD ie, Latin Americas, entire Africa and Asia (exc Japan, China and India)…

    and the most sovereign GNU in humble Zimbabwe is looking forward to US$10 Billion all for itself…

    ….its coming….

  3. The mutherfuckers! I’m ashamed to admit that I was actually surprised. Didn’t see that one coming for sure. Couldn’t refuse because it was cheaper just to take it? Didn’t want to leave them to rot or to sell them and possibly feed a district for month? Jesus Fuck! The cheek of it.

    Screw this, I need a drink!

  4. AND, to think the only person to refuse is fucking white? Fucking embarrassing.

    RE above: Only me! 🙂

  5. Yeah yeah, bleat bleat. the guys are fucking CABINET MINISTERS! Yeah, symbolic gestures etc, but like Biti said, be practical FFS.

    Bleat bleat.

  6. Sorry it’s a pathfinder – not many of those here. Big dhara’s drive big cars. they were there and are part of the lucre. drive them. the second hand market a has bombed. just don’t buy any new shit.

  7. “mamviro-mviro emhanza mapfeka” – Im not articulate enough in the colonial tongue to translate that accurately; but in short, after a decade of trying to rid ourselves of the Zanu post-colonial bullshit, we have just embarked on another oar-less paddle up Shit Creek.

    Give this GNU species a couple of years in this cozy habitat and we shall not be able to tell who was once Zanu and who was once MDC… the Zimbabwean people’s adoration for MT and MDC shall ensure a nice environment for rapid mutation of our oppressors from a Zanu that is distinct and easy to identify and despise, into this coalition mess that is gointg to bullshit the country indefinitely.
    The merc is not what concerns me; what worries me is the ludicrous protective rationalization (read bullshit)about cheapness and rotting cars…that these new saviours are spitting out.

    They are opportunists who can barely sit still when they have half a whiff of political privilege….
    I have always maintained the MDC, in our case, or any political party, are just opportunists who need to be kept strictly in check by the populace that votes them in.

    Yes Beezy, I am that reluctant prophet of doom…


  8. No, I’m giving the MDC a free pass on this one. And also, fuck it, they’re CABINET MINISTERS!!!!!

    Anwyay, we’ll see. I live in hope.

  9. Things are no different in these her parts. Seems the tax payer has not only been giving MPs rent free housing and accommodation, but we are also forking out for expenses for a second home. Some of these homes are actually being rented out.They are getting paid up to £600K in pay and expenses each year. One married couple of MPs is even charging twice for their second home, which they share. The worst part is, IT IS ACTUALLY LEGAL. It is within the scope of the rules. They are not doing anything wrong. C’MON! Now there is one hell of a clusterfuckup right there. I thought we (the tax payer) were all over that shit. Guess I was wrong.

  10. If I’m in town this weekend, we’ll have to arrange to burn some meat BD. Do something with the girls, maybe. Dunno. We’ll see.

    I’ve been watching with interest, Tara, especially the chap with the porn. He charged porn on his wife’s expenses. I mean, really. Porn.


  11. new labour old sleaze, I am happy to say in the 1997 General Election I didn’t vote for these buggers

  12. I didn’t. I was going to vote Tory but the constituency that I lived in was very definitely going to be won by the reds. So I did a strategic vote and voted for the Lib Dems with the hope that they would unseat Labour.

    So much for that. It was the first plebiscite in my life

  13. Why you sighing Tara. You didn’t buy into Phoney Tony? Or do you have a crush on William Hague and Ian Duncan Smith – there were three in the bed and the big one said rollover.

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