So, what colour panties was your wife wearing today?

I generally don’t care what people think or say.

In fact, I’m a pretty stubborn bastard, and though I listen to other people’s opinions (sometimes to a fault) I tend to beat my own path through the junglie of life.

But some people are just constant annoyances, always badgering about shit that’s none of their bidness. Like, get your own life, motherfecker.

Listen, I have a lot of friends. Female ones, too. I go out with them often. So yeah, you’ll see me out with girls.

The problem is this. Some niggers just don’t seem to have sex lives of their own, and like to live vicariously through others. Like, how you gonna ask me if I “fecked that item I was with” the other day?

How you gonna ask me “kana chainaka here” or if she broke my bones? How the feck do you speculate on “how hard I hit it” or “kanenge kanochemerera“? How the feck?

You don’t know WHO I’m with, or WHERE she came from, but automagically assume I’m such a playa I *gots* to be hittin’ that. Like, what the feck?

Listen, people. Some of y’all need to get your own damn lives, and have the decency and respect to keep your conversations to soccer or Gideon Gono or Obama or whatever other mundane shit we have in common. You don’t know me!

I’ve cooked up a word for some of these niggers. Hater-osexuals. Cos they ain’t having any sex of their own, so they gots to hate on those who are.

But just in case the boundaries aren’t clear to anyone, let me simplify this shit.

If I don’t know your surname (and vice versa), you are not my friend.

Get back motherfecker, you don’t know me like that.

12 Replies to “So, what colour panties was your wife wearing today?”

  1. Anon, I was just thinking the same myself! 🙂 EEEEEKKKKK

    This happen over your lunch hour or something?

  2. Oh, news just out, Palin had to be told that Africa was a continent and not a country. AND, the cow could not name all the north american nations. And more! Sheesh!!! We dodged one hell of a bullet there.

  3. hahahe, man this post is sooo funny, great honesty man, I’m going to use that line, “….If I don’t know your surname (and vice versa), you are not my friend.Get back motherfucker, you don’t know me like that.” Brilliant Joe! I hate motherfuckers who’re hanger-onners who think their 2cents worth of comments useful. damn peasants!

  4. Well well Buffy, it actually had nothing whatsoever to do with THAT Keg incident 🙂 That was ust a … kerfuffle, nothing major.

    This was someone who, just because we occasionally drink in the same building, thinks he can talk to me like we grew up together.


  5. Ravi – peasants! LOL, I see u bin burned in the same faya.

    As for you, young Alias, you’re trying to be clever, lol.

    Whether I hit it or not … anyway … *sigh*. No.

  6. what was “that” Keg incident?

    I had a moment this weekend where I immediately thought of “the corner”.

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