No deal better than bad deal

How do you have TWO people sharing a ministry?

Once again, SADC “leaders” have shown themselves to be a bunch of blind, power-drunk farts whose allegiance is not to the people of the region but to discredited revolutionaries.

Anyone who’s been paying attention will realise that the people, who explicitly voted for the MDC, are being short-changed by whatever “deal” is being pushed by these bastards in their posh suits and air-conditioned limos.

How about, uhm, I don’t know, an EQUITABLE distribution of key cabinet posts? Oh wait, that would also be unfair, as surely MDC-T should get the lion’s share, while the OPPOSITION Zanu-PF should be getting fewer?

What kind of power-sharing deal can be arranged when one of the parties is so hell-bent on holding on to power, even though he’s so blatantly without a mandate and has sufered rejection on both the policy and ideology fronts.

And how the feck do you have two ministers for the Home Affairs portfolio? Someone, anyone, tell me if this makes any goddamn sense.

And someone at The Herald needs to wake the up.

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  1. JB, if I tell you, and deal with the twats at the Herald, will you tell me all about ‘The Keg Incident’? 😎

  2. Let us begin at the end. Hope for the Herald is misplaced my son. Propaganda organs “wake the fuck up” only as governments get overthrown…

    As to the ministry sharing, speaking now as a mere observer of international news, I’m getting a serious can’t see the trees through the forest moment. I understand too well how crucial it is for the MDC to get some foothold into the state apparatus but if they are waiting for everything to be perfect before they start, you know, governing… well there won’t be all that much left to control.
    Someone needs to fix the motherfucking currency. Full Stop.

  3. Power is the key word, defence, state intelligence (whatever habitat that species is to be found), finance, home affairs and information are the powerful ministries; Zanu wants all the above and to “share” home affairs; and MDC-T-M share the other shit-for-brains ministries… who the hell cares who gets the ministry of indigenous enterprises?

    The objective of power is power – and unfortunately the Uncle has it on lockdown.

  4. from my homegirls at Kubatana:

    Posted on November 11th, 2008 by Bev Clark. Filed in Activism, Shortages and Inflation, Uncategorized.
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    Jumped into my car today and went off to do two chores in town. Pretty much all the traffic lights weren’t working. There’s litter everywhere. The Sunshine City is decidedly grimy. I saw a large pod of riot police sauntering down Julius Nyerere Way and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe WOZA were around the corner. You can’t keep good women down. A couple of street kids were scooping water from a pipe on Samora Machel Avenue. I’ve never seen the city center so full of people. The banks are being besieged by people trying to get their hands on THEIR cash. Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change don’t need to bus anyone into Harare for the mother of all protests. They’re there already. It’s leadership that’s missing.

  5. Alias, don’t miss the point completely. As Mos Native said, they can’t settle for bullshit when they have a mandate to change things for the better.

    The people have spoken, and it’s not up to their leaders to capitulate and ignore their demands.

  6. Maybe it’s time to stop blogging about the revolution and reiterate your demands. SADC will see no evil, hear no evil, but they speak evil by the dumpsterload if their pronouncements are anything to go by.

  7. Just after the agreement signing, my friend in Texas emailed me asking me what more incentive do i, and other zimbos in SA, need to go home and rebuild the country.
    I asked why he exempts himself – to which he mumbled some incoherent crap about having been there for so long, too distant, we are nearer…. blah…

    His point – I am now in a stable 9-5, got bond on house, lease on car and beer to drink ie am comfortable… Zim or no Zim Im good, you do it. Idiot.

    The middle class does not revolt – comfort does that to people. WE skip the country or stay on and grumble and “make a plan”.
    The same place the liberation war started is where the next revolution will start.
    The povo in the sticks and the townships do not have comfort; they shall get restless and agitated – hunger and disenfranchisement does that. The povo without access to remittances from abroad shall revolt.
    Even with money from abroad, @ 1US$ for a FREEZIT and rising, who in any part of the world can maintain their family abroad and a clan in Zim. Alias’s Julius Nyerere scenario is on the money.

    Police and army brutality cannot stop a mass revolt in Africa – they will try, hence Africa’s revolutions are bloody affairs; but guaranteed, change will come whether by political process through the talks, or, by spontaneous violent mass action…

    “The revolution shall not be televised”

  8. I am resolved to just rely on someone kicking the bucket. Nothing else looks to be working, and I think that is the only thing that has not happened yet that has been proven to work in other states.

    On the find Jesus front, religion is very scarily unreliable. It often can make things worse. People always manage to find was to use it the way it suits them.

  9. Had a good edumacation from my war vet (a real one) friend who used to be in Zapu’s Intelligence apparatus and among the fascinating and enlightening conversation, he said to me “We have this SADC Troika on Defence, right? Mozambique, Angola and Swaziland. Who put Mozambique into relative peace – Zim, who killed Savimbi in Angola – Zim, who is the King’s bum Chum – Bob. And you expect them to rule against the party.”

    BTW that was my best attempt at doing a Herald i.e. paraphrasing someone and putting it in quotations.

  10. True, those liberation war alliances run deep and true. The AU chairman has been critical of the ZANY party but his mentor was Julius Nyerere who is part of that liberation brotherhood – Gaddafi, the loudest voice in the AU (and the world…lol..) is also a fuel-for-land brotha to Uncle…
    I would rather this was resolved with uncle around because that JOC crew is where the madness is. JOC is composed of ex-5th brigaders who have “that” and corruption to answer to – Uncle may get immunity, they wont. Zim will turn into a military state within minutes of uncle kicking the bucket.
    Uncle is an intellectual who does not want to believe that he has failed to transform Zim from a colony to a successful socio-democratic state. if the UK (or anyone) was to accept blame for the failure Zim is, uncle would step down with glee… unfortunately, he is now only a puppet.

  11. Do you suppose it makes a difference that Obama is in office now? Do think Bob will continue to rant about how evil America is with Obama in office? Because it is bad manners to bitch about a fellow Head of State brother. 🙂

  12. The Great Uncle had no qualms about having beef with the Khama lad from Botswana, but then again, he is not really elected by the great unwashed. Then there was the Mwanawasa dude that the uncle put a voodoo hex on, we know how well that ended, 6 feet under worth of ending. Didn’t he have a pop at Obasanjo as well when the troika was debating throwing Zim out of the Commonwealth? So no, the great uncle doesn’t mind bitching about a black head of state.

  13. No, Bob will not let the US off the hook that easy…lol.. the “west” are a convenient and somewhat plausible scapegoat. Democrat, GOP, labour etc in his eyes they all the imperial/colonial “west”.
    Obama cannot make unilateral decisions and the Democrats do not have outright majority neither in senate nor congress so it shall mostly be more of the same – just less cowboy bravado.

    African leaders have done bloody stuff to get to and stay at the top so one has to have steel balls to point fingers at Bob…ref eleanor – since independence, botswana has been led by the khama dynasty which is just a black face to the oppenheimer/anglo-american monster; obasanjo was a military ruler in the seventies and has enough blood on his hands and an unaccountable US$50bn to boot…same goes for the rest. The ones supporting Bob were helped by him and the critical ones also did their dirty, just without Bobs assistance.

  14. African leaders are the scourge of the earth. Sometimes I wonder if “they” have credibility when they talk about us niggers.

    Mhata dzevanhu.

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