26 Replies to “Somebody shoot me”

  1. I have nothing to say except… he’d better score a scorcher @ the bridge on wed 🙁 but i guess thats life… congrats to the blues for surviving but WE are goin to moscow

  2. I have to say it was not a fair reflection of your abilities on the pitch & as for the ref!!!!!!!!!

  3. We played well, soaked up the pressure, the ref tried to sell the game, and Riise is an idiot. No wonder he didn’t start. Talk about panic.

    Oh well, …

  4. No no no no no let’s get back to love stories, the little boy’s club is back now.

    Have you and Minnie Mouse released the results yet Joseph?

  5. Methinks old Riise will be turning out for Helsingborg or someone next season, hmmm.

    Ladies, please. Why rush? I’ll release the results when ZEC release theirs, huh? Hehehe

  6. So why bother us with the nyaya and then you try and shut it down when there is a clash of honeys hm? Yes I noticed.

  7. Uh-oh indeed. you may have scared Minnie of JB. she hasn’t said a word since Ms Jo featured. not a nice thing mixing exes with currents (or not) of potentials. FOUR?? mmm…this page may turn out to be your worst nightmare dude-you kn how women are

  8. or are you just saving face JB? perhaps pouring yo heart out in public has backfired and little miss minnie has realized there’s no settlements to be made?;-0. how sad, minnie say something it doesn’t have to be about the saga he started.

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