Ten green bottles, lined up on a bar


Guess what? Zambezi’s back in the Scud & Nanny, and I’m mighty glad to hear it. Methinks someone high up read AT’s post from the other day!

Interesting weekend, on the whole. Had a major life upheaval on Friday, more to come on that. It’s a really big deal, so it will have to be a big deal post. Stay tuned.

Was shown how the other side live on Friday night…Chapman Golf Club, Borrowdale Brooke and finally Club Mambo. Hoo nhai? Thanks to AT for the night out, was quite enlightening for a townie like me 🙂 The bottom line is, Hararians are partying like crazy, and ain’t nothin wrong with that, fo’ sho’!

By the way, Dynamos got whacked by Monos 3-0 and Liverpool got whipped 2-0 by Fulham, both on saturday.

What the feck?

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  1. Interesing to note that the same people who expressed joy & jubilation at MU’s draw to Spurs have said nothing worth mentioning about the Boserful loss. Take that! He he he

  2. Talking abt Friday nite kind of reminded me of 2003 – when people used to literally eating money. Too much Zim dollars floating arnd once again.

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