That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh

So I’ve spent the whole day looking for a cellphone. My razr, as razr’s do, has inexplicably bricked itself, so I’m in need of a new mobile.

So I bought the paper, phoned around, responded to a couple of dipleague chancers, and still nothing.

I replied some chick on dipleague, rushed to her office and she told me I was a few minutes too late. Really? You have my number dammit.

I called LM Cellphones, they said they’d deliver, only to call me in ther afternoon and tell me they don’t have it in stock. Really? I ended up going there, only for them to try sell me an LG Chocolate that was not new. Listen, the phone is scratched, how can you tell me it’s new? ARGH!

Back in the office, at 5pm, I noticed a URL on one of the newspaper ads. So I went to GlobeTrade Cellular, and a Samsung J700 was cheaper than all the other guys I’d tried all day. So I placed an order, but seeing it’s after 5pm, I decided to call.

Thirty minutes later, this guy’s brought me a brand new phone, I’ve filled out a warranty card and I’m sorted.

At least someone in Harare is still awake.

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  1. Zim is one big sellers’ market… and they make you recognise!

    Remember this is the same country in which a dude who works in a bakery or a petrol attendant is the shit because they can hook you up… with shit they supposed to be providing anyway.

  2. Paper? Couldn’t you have just pop into a Carphone Warehouse? Why do Zimbos always gotta go bendy bendy? πŸ™

  3. Gee, I’m sorry I asked. The point was ain’t there proper retailers of mobile phone. But you know what, my feeling are hurt. I don’t wanna know anymore.

  4. Sorry Tara, I guess it’s the way you asked, and said I was going bendy-bendy. If there was somewhere straight, I’d have gone there first.

    We still love you.

  5. JB doing guilt! whats all this about? lol..

    u should be kissing up to Tara coz the 1st generation iPhones are now only $99 (in “the west”) coz of the upgrade version thats been released…

  6. Joe, i see shit dont change with you… i havent been on here for a while but i see you still causing drama. Dont Econet sale handsets? Tara have a word with Charles Dunstan, he may see an opportunity to open up a franchise there.

  7. What up son, Econet is a shit company and I don’t see any new phones in their shop. Fuck them, anyway. Econet are on my shit-list right now, together with ZESA and Spar Athienitis.

  8. Comment to that β€˜Hi Tara’ post: Imagine the mother (loudest and longest) of all tooth-kissing sounds you ever heard from a black woman and picture the most evil looking look of disdain. Double it, and I think that just about covers it.

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