Yeah, hang this dude. Now.

I dunno if you heard about the girl who was found raped and strangled in a field a couple of days after she disappeared from a gig at Arcadia Hall.

Well, the culprit, a kelvin Charles, is on trial for her rape and murder. His defence? Because I got high.

“I got hold of her by the chest, pushed her to the ground and she fell on her backside,” he said. “She did not expect it.”

O’Kelvin insisted on his defence of intoxication – he had sniffed cocaine and was drinking at the disco dance in Arcadia Hall.

So according to him, snorting coke and dorping are excuses for raping a teenage girl, then strangling her with his fecking belt because she threatened to tell.

I don’t know, Kelvin. You may claim diminished responsibility, but by 34 I scheme you should have enough sense regarding drugs and alcohol, and for a grown man to lure a young girl into a field and ask for a one-night stand? Seriously china.

Ek se, I don’t think torture is proscribed as a fitting punishment in Zimbabwe’s justice system, but in my opinion, Kelvin, you need a few hours in the tender care of Jack Bauer, or one of W’s CIA “contractors”.

You’re the worst of the worst, scum of the earth, and I hope they hang you by the neck until dead.

You have no fecking excuse.

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  1. Hanging? Heck no. That’s a cop out. I think the Jack Bauer thing followed by not chemical, but, literal castration and imprisonment for life in a maximum security prison where inmates know he a fucking paedophile and with guards who make sure in spite of all the beating up and whatever else happens to men like him in prison, he never actually dies. He deserves his own personal hell on earth!

    That’s just me!

  2. Tara, a life sentence in Zim is nothing cos in 5 he’ll be dead anyway.

    And Zim only executes by hanging, so that has to be it.

    As far as i’m concerned, death isn’t enough for this fellow.

  3. Just read the article. What a load of bollocks. Even I (with my vast knowledge of Law, courtesy of Jack McCoy) could prosecute that case and convince a jury that it was 1st Degree Murder. The guy sounds like a text-book psychopath. He actually went through the motions of questioning the girl about her next moves. Sounds like the guy was under control, rather than panicked, to me. My biggest worry , assuming the guy’s story is accurate, is how it appears that the girl didn’t freak out. Was there signs of a struggle at all? Did she run? I ain’t suggesting her being at fault. I’m just wondering what frame of mind she was in and if it is as blase (sp.) as the recollection feels, is there an issue that young women in Zimbabwe are less vigilant and more trusting. Does that make sense?

    For the record: All the blame is on him. She did not deserve the violence that befell her.

  4. Yeah, he was under control. As for the girl, we have no reliable account as to her behaviour or state of mind, as she’s dead and the only word we have is that of her murderer.

  5. “A HARARE man who last year strangled a teenage girl he had raped…
    Kelvin Sinclair Charles,… murdered Tamina Saiyed in March last year by strangling her with his belt.”

    The entire Herald editorial team has been snorting coke. Isnt it an alleged crime until it is proven? Fidelis Munyoro seems to have reached a verdict already.

    Anywho… Charlie needs to be waterboarded…while being buggered by a chain of filthy convicts… daily… for life… 🙂

    And, shoot me, but girls need to have their wits about them and stop going into dark fields alone with horny, drunk and wired dogs…

  6. Maya…. the punk should be hanged by his balls…. come on ,if he was as high how can he give such a detailed events trail???Its a pity the young lady cant give her side of the story but she could have at least screamed or fought off the sonofabitch….Or was it a “stop it-stop it…oh..i like it” kinda story???

  7. we make the mistake of imposing our morals on others. The guy committed the heinous crime, and according to Joe and Tara must face the ultimate punishment. However, if the guy still believes he didn’t do anything sinister- or greatly untoward then whatever punishment we give as society will not affect him, at least not as much as the remorse/punishment ned flanders has if he accidentally steps on a worm.

    the reason is pretty simple, as long as the moral compass for the dude is non-existent then he does not know what is right and what is wrong. punishing him in any way will not suddenly bring his morals back, and there lies the paradox- without his morals no human inflicted pain would do any justice.

  8. Nicely put ACM, but, should he go scot-free just because the justice system cannot bring him round to seeing that it is not acceptable by law (ie the prevailing moral compass)to drag a girl into a field, screw her against her will then strangle her.

    The system may not have the resources, the ability or the empathy to align his morals to what is deemed acceptable moral standards – and true, that is too bad for him and is a deficiency in the whole system – but what is then practical is for him and his exceptional moral standards to be removed from society.

    Correctional systems are the ideal – penal systems are practical.

  9. Stick him in Chikurubi, in a cell with a deranged effeminate grim ouen and lose the key, that’s penance enough. Hanging would be too easy!

  10. They tied his hands with a rope and started beating him with a button stick, logs and kicked him before taking his belt, pair of shoes and Z$35 billion cash.

    I love The Herald!!!

  11. matanda… 🙂

    got acquainted with the Black Bhutsu button stick a few times in my unruly youthful days… shit is sore! will make you respect even the scrawniest undernourished constable…

    Just became a fan of The Herald.

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